@silentvoyager said in Ability to create and sync POI: Any update on this? Meanwhile Coros promised POIs in Apex and Vertix in July update. Very much keeping an eye on Coros and the Vertix/Apex releases. I’m at the point that the first non-Garmin device that offers me Routing, POI, Navigation are going to get my business. Only reason I haven’t pre-ordered the Vertix is that a review by the5krunner on the Apex pointed to some accuracy issues w/ the barometric altimeter. Not sure why only Suunto has figured that out. Many people complain about Garmin’s accuracy and implementation in this area as well. But the Coros product line looks promising and they seem to be moving at a pretty fast and regular release pace on core functionality. So they are an option for sure, as more reviews and tests come out.