I revice this topic because I have the same issue between Suunto and Strava.

My Suunto App displays 18 runs, while the Strava app displays 37 runs. After analyzing the FIT file from Suunto App I discovered the issue. At the end of the file there is a statistics for the entire activity including number of laps = 37. This is the source used by Strava to count the runs. If this field is missing, than Strava calculates the number of runs by itself.

Suunto developers, please set the correct number of laps/runs into the FIT file so that Strava can read the correct value. Thank you!

== = TYPE=0 NAME=session NUMBER=18 --- timestamp=1077629177=2024-02-23T13:26:17Z --- start_time=1077612424=2024-02-23T08:47:04Z --- event=8=session --- event_type=1=stop --- sport=13=alpine_skiing --- sub_sport=9=downhill --- first_lap_index=0=0 ***--- num_laps=37=37*** --- min_heart_rate=45=45 bpm --- avg_heart_rate=106=106 bpm --- max_heart_rate=166=166 bpm --- avg_speed=2191=7.888 km/h --- max_speed=14540=52.344 km/h --- total_calories=1364=1364 kcal --- total_timer_time=16752340=16752.340 s --- total_elapsed_time=16752332=16752.332 s --- total_distance=3670800=36708.00 m --- total_ascent=3684=3684 m --- total_descent=3688=3688 m --- max_altitude=12954=2090.8 m --- min_altitude=9740=1448.0 m --- training_stress_score=1903=190.3 tss --- total_cycles=2926=2926 cycles --- avg_temperature=17=17 deg.C --- max_temperature=25=25 deg.C --- avg_cadence=58=58 rpm --- max_cadence=254=254 rpm --- total_training_effect=23=2.3 --- time_in_hr_zone=14688130=14688.130 s,1182.209 s,645.201 s,173.892 s,61.085 s --- pool_length_unit=0=metric --- pool_length=2500=25.00 m --- 0_2_recovery_time=106140=106140 --- 0_4_peak_epoc=133=13.3 ==