Concerns about Movescount

  • Hi to the Suunto Community,
    As a new member, I read a lot, but I couldn’d find any answers to my worries.

    It seems we are nearly half an year from the point where movescount its supposed to be depricated, however, as a new owner of A3Peak, I am wondering:

    • Since now we have a perfect database where I can search for different trails and upload them to my watch, should I be able to do so with Suunto AP?
    • Since the watch offers sport modes, in Suunto App I cannot see this feature, rather than a simple connection. This is why I am still using movescount it works perfectly for me and my needs

    Can somebody tell me what to expect from Suunto the summer of 2020 when the movescount will be expected to be deprecated, as I have a lot of plans for the summer and I need this watch to work at 100% of its features I paid for.

    For me personally the most important things are (and those Suunto Apps is lacking):

    • The web interface which I can use to plan a route or review route as is in movescount right now;
    • The import of the data from movescount (along with all the trails uploaded there by the users - this is something very valuable as an information and it can ease the planning of a certain trip very much);
    • The option to be able to change, setup, correct, remove, etc sport modes;

    In case this didn’t happened as we expect and we are left with half working app, then I will have to plan very carefully how to optimize my watch for all the sport activities (in reallity they are only 4). but by the time, you don’t know if you will need to add something or remove another thing. You get the idea.

    So, please, can anybody shed some light on the perspective of using A3Peak after 2020 as a 100% multisport watch with all of its features.


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