Future of Suunto app and web based service Sports Tracker/Movescount

  • Is this place just for customers to moan and debate, or there is somebody from Suunto here to provide official answers?

    1. I finally installed the Suunto app on android and I’ll have to use it going forward. It’s a clear improvement from the Movescount app apart from one thing very important to me. It doesn’t connect to DM5 and I won’t be able to see my dives going forward. Is this going to be sorted in the near future, and will it sync the dives backlog from DM5?

    2. From what I could gather on this forum it looks like Sports Tracker is earmarked to replace the Movescount web service. At the moment ST is a complete joke and the only improvement I can see compared to MC is the route creator.

    • Is ST going to be upgraded in the future to match all the features that MC currently has, including the connection with DM5?
    • How do we change the sport modes and the screens in the meantime if MC is phased out in a rush and there is no alternative ready? Are we going to be lab mice again waiting for a couple of years for the software to catch up with the hardware like it happened when Spartan was launched in a rush before being tested thoroughly?
      Looking forward to Suunto’s official reply if there is somebody around here to provide one.

  • Community Manager

    Not an official reply but well connected with Suunto.

    1. I think the dive logs will be able to sync to the new service , aka Suunto app.
    2. ST is not the web of Suunto. Its not marketed anywhere except some DCRainmaker’s confusion.
    3. MC web is staying and it’s evolved to devices that need it to configure settings etc. However, it’s not very clear if it will be still at full scale , ie analysis (yearly stats/ personal bests)

  • As an owner of Ambit 2 which I think has an excellent GPS system how will I be able to use this watch if Suunto goes with a wireless only app? I can only connect my watch by cable to a pc. Please advise on what will happen. Thanks.

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