How to import gpx file as a workout not as a route in Suunto App?

  • I went for a multi day hike which I tracked with Garmin InReach. My question is how import the GPX file to Suunto App as a workout, not as a route.
    I attempted to import the GPX file in Sports Tracker (website), where it shows OK with Ascent/Descent, Speed Avg, Energy… The workout is automatically listed in Suunto App (Android - Pixel 3XL) as well, but with a few data issues in the summary: Ascent/Descent is missing (shows 0), Highest Point and Lowest Point are listed incorrectly: 852ft instead of 8524ft and respectively 692ft instead of 6929ft. Event though on the Altitude graph shows the correct altitudes.
    Am I doing something wrong here? Or is there a way to directly import the GPX file into Suunto App as a workout?


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    Nothing wrong done, it is the only way to import gpx in Sportstracker to have it in SA, but with all these data discrepencies (sporttracker database is not handling data the same way SA does).
    So your question could be more a feature request : be able to import acitivities in SA with right metrics 🙂

  • @Mff73
    I installed SportsTracker app and it lists the activity with the same issues…
    I do not think is the file, because in the details sections, the data is correct and it is tracked correctly on the map (in both SA ans ST). In the Laps section it actually lists the ASC and DSC…

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