Syncing Suunto app data to Movescount

  • I just got a Suunto 3, and have successfully paired it with the Suunto app. And, after some experimenting, I was even able to get my old Movescount data (from my Ambit 3) to copy into the Suunto app by telling Movescount to connect with SportTracks. Now I need to figure out how to get new data from the Suunto app into Movescount. I’m currently participating in a challenge at work that will sync with Suunto watches, but only through Movescount (not the new app). So I need to get my Suunto 3 (or the Suunto app) to send data to Movescount. If I connect my Suunto 3 via USB cable to my computer, SuuntoLink says everything is up to date, and the switch is on to open Movescount once it syncs, but it doesn’t appear to be doing anything, and none of the data from my Suunto 3 has been synced with Movescount at all. How do I fix that problem? Is there a way to get Suunto 3 to send data to Movescount, or a way to get the data to transfer from the Suunto app to Movescount?

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    Hello, you might want to look into this topic:

  • @a2doxkc said in Syncing Suunto app data to Movescount:

    a way to get the data to transfer from the Suunto app to Movescount?

    I use the app SyncMyTracks to sync activities from Suunto app to Movescount and Google Fit.

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    I am using movescount app on iOS to sync moves to Movescount, in parallel with Suunto app.

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    My understanding is the S3F does not have the capability to connect to MC. At all! You will need a 3rd party app to sync, SyncmyTracks I believe for Android or RunGap, which works well for iOS.

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    Hi Suunto 3 is not compatible with Movescount as @Brad_Olwin said.

    I can help provide some helpfull analysis programs/services if you are interested. Reason I am guiding you out of Movescount is that for your watch you ain’t gonna get more than some other analysis platforms and you will be needing sync software etc to achieve that.

    Also movescount wont be getting any added value anytime soon.

    I hope this helps.

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