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I know, but my question was really why the suunto app (and strava) does not autocorrect when they make use of the terrain model?

Map auto-correction may be very inaccurate because it depends on accurate coordinates, which is often challenging on mountainous terrain.

Consider the following example. You traverse across a steep mountain slope on a narrow trail. Half of sky is obstructed by the mountain, so the number of GPS satellites is limited and positional accuracy isn’t great. As a result of that the GPS track can wobble 10-15 meters either way across the slope. Now, those inaccurate coordinates are fed into the elevation model, and each movement to either side may translate into a large elevation jump or drop that wasn’t actually there. That may add to a lot of extra elevation gain.

The model is also very inaccurate when crossing bridges or going through tonnels. Every time you cross a bridge the elevation model will have you going to the bottom and then go up again to your previous level.

Yes, thats correct. But on longer climbs in the mountains its not a problem. The device is spot on.

My issue is with flow-tracks with small hills. I actually take a lot of meters on that kind of trails. As I live in sweden the data for terrainmodels are also very good.