Analyse swim sessions?

  • Hi everyone,
    First of wall I hope everyone is doing ok in the these conturbated times.
    I’m a thriathlete and I have a Suunto Ambit 3 Sport. I’ve bought this watch in March 2016 because it is a extremely versatile device to train, hike and navigate. I’ve beend following thus forum almost from the beggining and testing the Testflight Suunto App releses.

    With all this changes is there a way to analyse our swim efforts in the same simple way that it was on Movescount web site?
    In the Movescount website we could see the all the variables: pace/speed, time, strokes, rest time, pool lenghts / laps / intervals, even info from the python apps the we wrote and share. We could even zoom, select and analyse certain parts of the swim session.

    It seems to me that the Suunto App lacks this kind of flexibility, and regarding the website? It’s just sad for those who use the as a traning device.

    I’m still not convinced about this decomission of the movescount platform. We had all the data and configurations in one platform. Now it seems like we have to hack our devices to have it working we the features that we’ve bought them.
    I already have a coach, I don’t want to pay a subscrition to strava, training peaks or whatever. I just want to send him the data in a comprehensive SMS.

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    @Fábio-Veríssimo what Suunto announced is that you’ll keep using Movescounts “2.0” to configure your watch, and will be able to use Suunto App to sync and see your activities on mobile. I have heard swimming is not that well supported yet in SA, but things seem to be improving with each release. And you also have free (as you don’t have to pay for them) instruments, like QS [1] that you can use on your computer.


  • Thank you very much for your quick response.

    I’ve already tried the quantified-self a few months back, but it didn’t gave me the data that I’ve wanted. I’ve just tried again this morning and the pool didn’t had any data besides “distance” and “time”

    However I’ve just realized that maybe I uploaded my moves in the wrong way. (Export all that from MC and Upload all data to QS). I’m currently testing if the “Import your Suunto app activity history”.

  • Hi Fabio, Did you had any luck with changing the way of uploading the moves. I just did the shift to use suunto app. I was shocked to see that pool swimming does not even show the pace. but just time and distance. Actually also MoveScount had several problems with the swimming data. Lack of stroke count, Stroke rate graph is extremely noisy jumping all over from 15 strokes to 40strokes is not readable and splits also are messed up sometimes but it was still working to some extend… I am wondering if uploading a swim trough SA instead of MS will solve the issue…

  • Hi Fabio,
    Well, if you are looking for swim analysis tools, give a try to Runalyze. It sounds weird, I know, run-analyze for swiming, but that is just a name. 🙂 All the metrics you mentioned, are stored in fit file from your watches. And Runalyze is able to interpret them quite nicely. It is a (yet still) free tool. I am triathlete as well, and I am quite happy with it for all my tri-trainings.

    Oh, and Runalyze can sync automagicaly with SuuntoApp 🙂 I am not so sure about sync from Movescount, but you can try.

  • @Pasquale-Gurzi
    Hi Pasquale, Regarding the “data quality” I was refering to uploading from Movescount (MC) to the (QS). The QS works reasonbly good in the outside activities, pool swim… not so well. It’s important to remind the QS is made by one developer in it’s free time! It’s amazing what he already did.

    I’ve gave up on the SuuntoApp (SA). I’ve disconected de SA from my MC acount ans I’m still using the the Movescount App in my phone. It’s the only way to upload workouts to my watch. With the Covid-19 situations all pools are closed in Portugal. So, Open Water swim workouts is the only way to train in a structure way without loosing my mind.
    I’ve never relied on the stroke count, so I can’t talk about it. Splits work ok for me in MC, but i don’t see them in the SA.

    I will follow @zadow advice and try Runalys! Thank you!

  • @Fábio-Veríssimo Thanks for your answer. I love suunto watch HW is very accurate an I have the ambit3 peak. very precise barometer and gps but the lacking of swimming features is making me considering alternatives… As you said QS is good for OW, we get a bit more info, but still no data on strokes count and rate… Did you try the Runalys already? thanks

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    @Pasquale-Gurzi you can try QS and Runalyze yourself. They’re free and easy to setup.

  • @isazi thanks for the tip!!, I just tried both app and I don’t see the stats I need. they offer a little more but not enough and not accurate to justify the use of yet another platform…

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    @Pasquale-Gurzi alright I don’t swim, so better ask @zadow how to get the metrics you need in Runalyze.

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    @Pasquale-Gurzi More data should come per laps etc.

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos QS is adding some value for openwater… I can see now total-time, swimming-time and pause-time, also the charts looks nice and accurate, but I don’t see stroke rate which the watch seems to record. Would be nice to have this both in a chart and per lap. For pool swimming I only see total time and a table with the interval with just time and distance, but no charts and again no data for strokes rate/count, swimming style, swolf etc… Any update is very welcome, thanks.

  • In the Movescount website we could see the all the variables: pace/speed, time, strokes, rest time, pool lenghts / laps / intervals, even info from the python apps the we wrote and share. We could even zoom, select and analyse certain parts of the swim session.

    @Fábio-Veríssimo Well, I am not saying that RunAlyze can display all the metrics, which MC can, but most of the metrics, you are mentioning here, could be found in RA.

    In the swim activity details:
    First table Laps = Intervals. I am not using manual laps, so always intervals, as detected by watch (SSWHR Baro) are displayed. However, RA names intervals as Laps.


    yeah, I am slow swimmer, I am definitely not in the front pack, but I am getting it back during the ride and run leg 🙂

    In second table, you’ll find pool lanes (incremental length per lane), strokes, SWOLF, and time per lane.
    and yes, I was swimming in pool with 50m long lanes 🙂


    And you can also display them in a graph (just do not forget to click on small hamburger menu on top of the first graph, to display all graphs available…


    Definitely,therre is no option to display any metrics or analysis from python apps. If you are looking for something even more, maybe try the new platform, which Suunto is now connected. I tried it, but I am not very happy with it as it comes a bit confusing to me. Maybe it’s becouse swimming is not my favourite part of triathlon 🙂

    Have a nice day!

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