In the Movescount website we could see the all the variables: pace/speed, time, strokes, rest time, pool lenghts / laps / intervals, even info from the python apps the we wrote and share. We could even zoom, select and analyse certain parts of the swim session.

@Fábio-Veríssimo Well, I am not saying that RunAlyze can display all the metrics, which MC can, but most of the metrics, you are mentioning here, could be found in RA.

In the swim activity details:
First table Laps = Intervals. I am not using manual laps, so always intervals, as detected by watch (SSWHR Baro) are displayed. However, RA names intervals as Laps.


yeah, I am slow swimmer, I am definitely not in the front pack, but I am getting it back during the ride and run leg 🙂

In second table, you’ll find pool lanes (incremental length per lane), strokes, SWOLF, and time per lane.
and yes, I was swimming in pool with 50m long lanes 🙂


And you can also display them in a graph (just do not forget to click on small hamburger menu on top of the first graph, to display all graphs available…


Definitely,therre is no option to display any metrics or analysis from python apps. If you are looking for something even more, maybe try the new platform, which Suunto is now connected. I tried it, but I am not very happy with it as it comes a bit confusing to me. Maybe it’s becouse swimming is not my favourite part of triathlon 🙂

Have a nice day!