2.9.42 S9 GPS no connection

  • Hi,
    i’ve sometimes GPS connection loss since the last update, also the GPS and compass do not have the same accuracy.

    Does someone have the same experience?

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    Did you try a soft reset ?
    Check if AGPS info are up to date

  • @sartoric

    Yes, I did a soft reset and a AGPS update. The connection is steady and after a few minutes it gets lost for about 10 -25 minutes, it makes no difference to change between GPS, GPS/GLONAS, GPS/Galileo.

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    For me, GPS alone became a little more unstable after the last update, but GPS+ Glonass or Galileo improved.
    Although I will do some more tests in the future.

  • Could it simply be that now, with the introduction of the “GPS lost” notification, we’re simply aware of something that did always happen but we didn’t know?
    Before the last update I’ve never seen the message, but I’m sure I did lose GPS at times.

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    @isazi The message option has been there for a long time even on SSU. I have only seen it a couple of times on the SSU, but I can’t say anything for the S9 because it uses a different GPS chip. But I’m guessing the GPS warning/message system is the same as on SSU, so there must be something different with the GPS if you’re seeing the message more often than before.

  • @fejker thanks for the info, I’ve never seen it before the last update, even in tunnels where I’m sure I lost GPS reception, but I simply may have not noticed, therefore thought it was a new addition.

  • @fejker

    There’s a new firmware version for S9, I think there’s the Problem, not the information is the Problem, I’ve more incorrect waypoints or none.

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    @D yes, I know. I was just making it clear that the GPS lost message was not something new introduced with this new firmware and has been there for a while.

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