Suunto Ambit3 Peak display begins to striped

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    Hi All,

    I would like to ask you, what does that mean if the display of Ambit3 Peak begins to stipped.
    This watch bought in the year 2014. I don’t know when manufactured. The SN#1438108362
    I attached an image about it.Ambit3PeakDisplayStripped.jpg
    Thank you in advance.

  • @lkovari
    it means it’s time for a suunto 9 upgrade 😉
    … just kidding… I suggest you request a service repair at Suunto.
    from far (it’s a bit blurry) it looks like in my friend’s old graphic calculator with broken display

  • Hi dude,

    What else you could beg a 5 years old electronic watch to give?

    Go get a s9

  • Silver Members

    I guess you already tried adjusting screen contrast? Sometimes Ambit screen artefacts go along with barometer issues, are baro & temp readings OK?

  • I’m no expert at this sort of thing at all, but I looked at that picture and had to wonder whether there’s a chance a tiny bit of water vapor might have somehow gotten in somewhere. It might be worth sitting it in a tub of rice in a dry place for a day or two and seeing if that takes care of it.

  • @ianshowalter
    … this would help if there’s a leak in the watch but not in case he pressed a button while the watch was under water.
    if it is moisture, i don’t see this clearly, it would be worth a trial

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    press lap and start the buttons and enter the service menu. There you will find display test. If it does not show errors, try resetting the clock

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your suggestions advices.
    Unfortunately, the contrast settings not helped, the display test was fine in the service menu, I consulted with the service center, he told, later or sooner should be replace the display, therefore:
    I bought a brand new Ambit3 Peak HR black again.
    The price-value ratio is very good, I have two years warranty.
    At last but not least the accuracy is also very good of the built-in positioning system. (GPS)
    The following writings perfectly represent it:

    Thank you.

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