The call for moderators (MODS)

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    Hi there great community,

    it’s been quite some time since this forum has been running, and mainly I am the only person that does some moderation here.

    So it’s about time for other people to join in order to help keep the community running and help others with any issues that they might have.

    But what does a moderator here?

    • He checks now and then for people that have requested a moderation, or flagged posts, and does the needed.
    • He helps to categorize or move topics to the correct place.
    • He helps users by directing them to the correct place for their questions to be answered.

    What do you need to be a moderator?

    • Visit the forum now and then
    • Passion for helping others
    • Some knowledge about the Suunto app, Spartans, and the Suunto ecosystem

    How do you apply to be a moderator?

    • Post here a short intro about you and why you would like to be a moderator
    • Please indicate that you want to be a candidate at your post (see first post example)

    How will you get selected?

    • There will be a finite amount of moderators selected up to 3 for a start
    • The most voted top 3 posts here will be selected as moderators, so it’s community-based.
    • No Suunto personnel’s votes will be taken to account.

    When/How does this start/end?

    • It starts now
    • Candidates post their intro
    • The community votes
    • Closes in 2 weeks


    • Feel free to ask here

  • Community Manager

    Here is an example of a candidate post:


    Hi I am Dimi and I would like to be a candidate for being a moderator

  • Moderator

    @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos I would like to be considered as a moderator. I have owned Suunto devices since the Vector was introduced, I regularly participate here and at Watchuseek. I have a good knowledge of Spartan functions and believe I balance expectations and reality for wristworn sports devices. If wisdom comes with age then I should have that too:)

  • Moderator

    Hi, this is Joerg, I also would like to be a candidate for being a moderator.

    I am using my Spartan for almost 1,5 years now, before I had a Suunto T6D with an GPS Pod to get all the data I want for many years. Using Movescount as well for many years, so there is some knowledge with the Suunto ecosystem.
    I never was a moderator for a forum, but I really would like to help here building up a community. I also can provide German (my mother tongue) as another language, maybe there will be some other language groups in the future.

  • Well… let’s go!
    I’ll be happy to be moderator on this forum,
    first, because i love it and the people who made it alive, all of us had same passion, sport,
    secondly, all of us want that suunto create the best app ever made, and moderating will help to bring order and achieve the goal
    thirdly, with the increasing number of members here Dimitrios will have a lot of work, by helping him he’ll continue to run and share beautiful pictures 😁

    More about me here.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Hello,
    I would like to be moderator here as well with big crown on my head to rule you all until my neck will break out cause of crown weight 🙂
    More seriously I am technical guy who can participate to make forum clean and tidy as I am perfectionist in real life, leaving things better than found, don’t care much about social things like blah blah, this I will leave for other guys to handle, so if you like straight forward guy I am here to help 😉

  • Moderator

    Long story short … Hi I am Cris and I would like to be candidate for being a moderator

    Jokes apart, I would be happy to help, if some help is needed.
    I’m a “computer tech”, I’ve moderated/run some forums for a while, and due to my job I unfortunately live connected

    … and definitely I’m not a runner 😀

  • Bronze Member

    I would like to be considered as a moderator for the forum.
    I have been using Suunto watches for over 5 year snow, starting with ambit, then ambit 3 and now a SSWHRB, so I’m very familiar with the ecosystem. When i started using Suunto watches I was doing road running, from 10k to marathons, then started with trail running, and now also ski touring, so I have been using movescount, and now the app, for a varied types of setting.

    I have never been a forum moderator before, but being an avid daily reader of all comments in the forum and having such a good master moderator in Dimitrios as the reference, I’m sure that I can contribute to the forum as it grows in users and comments.

  • Community Manager

    Topic has been locked and the process has started.

    Thanks, everyone for participating.

    I ll update you in the following days on how to proceed with this.

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