Traverse data transfer from watch to ???

  • Hello. I am a new (very disappointed) user of a Suunto Traverse. I researched the product and found the watch to be perfect for my usage based on the watch itself. After purchasing I was able to use, but as of 13 October, I am now thinking I have purchased a rather expensive wrist weight. As a reluctant mobile phone user, I have an iPhone4 which serves me perfectly well and we own an iPad 2 which also serves our needs. Apparently I need to have iOS 11 to access data from the watch. Does anyone know of a way that I can access the data from the watch. I primarily use the watch as a GPS data logger, but liked the additional data provided by and being able to export kml, gpx, & xlsx files from Am I screwed? I can’t understand the move by Suunto to limit access to data. The only other Suunto product I own is a 30 year old compass and I feel like smashing it to pieces right now. So much for any hope of brand loyalty…

  • @lucky1969 Sadly unless Suunto actually listen to the Traverse and Ambit users you are pretty much screwed… And at the moment they certainly are not listening and very much doubt they will or even give a damn… You could have a look at this it is a god send but no replacement for the Movescount web/app… Suunto are giving Ambit and Traverse user the Two finger salute followed by a knife in the Back, Yet they still sell the watches…As too a solution for your phone… Again you are pretty much screwed… A recent chat with tech support(suunto) they basically informed me I need to up grade my watch when I asked about missing features due to dropping the Movescount web/app… So I suspect if you contact them they will tell you to upgrade your phone and then try to get to to do the same with the watch…

    I know this is not the answer you want and may be someone will have a better solution… But sadly Suunto are more interested in profit now than actually listening and supporting customers.

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    @lucky1969 not the best possible solution, but something I can think at the moment is that you can use the Suuntolink tool to sync your activities, i.e. transfer them from the watch to the Suunto cloud. I believe you need a Suunto App account though. If you cannot install it on your phone/tablet a workaround is to make an account on sports-tracker. Using Suuntolink you will be able to sync your activities to the cloud, and sync configurations and route you make on Movescount for your watch.

    You can view your activities online, without the app, if you sync them to some third party service like Quantified Self or Runalyze to name a few.

    I suggest you also to talk directly with Suunto if you have issues.

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    @isazi said in Traverse data transfer from watch to ???:

    If you cannot install it on your phone/tablet a workaround is to make an account on sports-tracker.

    I’ve been recommended the same workaround but should have tested it first… ST web does not provide sign-up, it just directs new users to download a Sports-Tracker app and sign up from there. Though running ST / SA in emulator on PC/Mac just for signing up for the service might work.

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    @margusl or find a friend with a mobile phone just to create an account.

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