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  • I love analysing moves on and I understand that it is being depricated so pretty sure the answer to these questions will be “no” but here goes

    •is there an ability to export all moves from movescount web to xls?

    •is there an ability to end a move if failed to do so at the time e.g. go for run, get in car, drive some miles and realise forgot to end workout, i would like to pull end back to actual end point

    •is there an area to view all time stats, eg most steps, longest deep sleep etc

    •is there a way to tag workouts on the app? surely Movescount web wont be discontinued until all features available in a new platform


  • Hi, Have you tried already QS ( You can link your Suunto account and it imports all your historical data, plus you have a configurable dashboard allowing to sort by longest, shortest, most steps etc… You can build charts focusing on specific criteria. Do not know about sleep criteria since I do not track that.

  • You might also want to try out Strava (there is a free version with most features that I need). Same as for Movescount, you get the full history of your moves, but it is not so good at analysing your data as QS is. Maybe the paid version of Strava has more features - I do not know.

    Strava lets you edit your moves, i.e. crop, split, or add comments. A really useful feature is that you can link moves to the gear you have used (shoe, bike, etc…) and set a limit when ou want that gear to be replaced (e.g. your running shoes after 500km). Strava would then alert you. This is VERY useful especially for running shoes.

  • great, will try these out - thanks!

  • @MartinLX
    I think QS is going to grow and is seriously becoming popular!!
    Don’t forget to donate or become a patron in any way 👌 ☺
    this dude @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos is really pushing it and has my deepest respect!! 👍

  • @MartinLX said in Movescount web features:

    Strava lets you edit your moves, i.e. crop, split,

    QS let you crop and even merge. you can even decide if you want to keep the merged data separate, outside of your statistics or if you want to have them integrated. QS is under permanent development with constructive inputs from it’s users with pretty much direct contact to the developer. It is a very powerful tool and I must confess, if there is only one tool to choose, I am definitely going to pick QS! 👌

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