Data migration MC to SA and RunGap

  • I have more than 5000 logs in MC from 2012 and RunGap app on iOS. Question is how should I do steps to right migrationt without duplicities. I am thinking like this:

    1. Disconect MC profile in RunGap (I have it now like source)
    2. Connect SA to MC and run migration on Suunto servers. I hope all data from MC appear to SA
    3. Connect SA in RunGap (I think this steps is most important. Is it better do it now or before step 2.?) and set SA in RunGap like source.
    4. To pray do not have duplicities in RunGap:-)

    Is my idea right? Do you have some other advice or experience with this proces?

  • Moderator

    @luboskovar I would first migrate from MC to SA, and then connect SA to RG. SA should not sync past activities to RG, only the ones after you connect them.

  • Moderator

    @luboskovar You can select dates in RunGap for syncing so if you set RunGap after the date you sync all activities to SA from MC you will be fine.

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