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  • I don’t understand the link between Suunto App and Sports Tracker. If I port to Suunto App and connect the watch (Ambit 3 Peak) to Suunto App, I can just open an appropriate Sports Tracker account (same UID and password I think) and I will see all the same Moves on Sports Tracker?

    Does Sports Tracker give a web interface like Movescount? What is missing from Sports Tracker relative to Movescount?

  • @wanderinghead said in Sports Tracker:

    What is missing from Sports Tracker relative to Movescount?

    almost everything except that you see a track, distance and pace…
    ST and SA have the same database… other than that, nothing in common

  • So, I just found out that the sport tracker website is like some sort of mirror to the suunto app. It displays my moves, uses the same password and if i make a route there it also sync to the suunto app. But the routes that i make in the suunto app don’t go to the sports tracker site apparently. What is the deal? how do these site cooperate? Its nice to be able to plan a route on a pc that goes to the app without extra export and imports but is it going to evolve? It is still pretty basic. Grtz, steven.

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    @stevena said in Sports Tracker:

    What is the deal? how do these site cooperate?

    Simple, they don’t.
    They just share the database
    At least atm

  • They don’t cooperate, but my routes do end up on the watch. Pity the sports tracker route maps are no good.
    I wonder where this is going…

  • @sartoric said in Sports Tracker:

    Simple, they don’t

    and this should remain like that… ST is not up to what we need. I think it was a mistake from Suunto to announce their partnership with ST as it really doesn’t give you anything but a database.
    It’s like you would buy a santa cruz bike but you notice it was made at any factory partnering with aliexpress… no good for any high quality reputation 😕

    it’s nice that we have a database and it’s nice that SA is slowely progressing (waiting for this winter exclusion of chairlift activities total ascent summary…!!!), but what ST is showing is pretty poor IMHO.

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