Issue - two watches on one phone.

  • Hello! I am turning to you for help, because Suunto does not have any e-mails available for their customers. My wife and I each have our own Suunto watches, from which we have so far downloaded workouts to Moviescount on the PC.
    Now we have decided to switch to the new Suunto app.
    Considering that only I have a Smartphon and my wife does not, I downloaded the new app and opened two profiles - one for me, the other one for my wife; then I downloaded all her workouts on her profile and all mine on my profile. I established the phone connection to her watch and then another connection to my watch, but here the problems start.
    The first problem is because only one watch can be connected at a time, so it automatically downloads only my workouts and hers not.
    The second problem: if I reconnect my phone to her watch, it uploads her workouts to my profile; what is more, it downloads the workouts for a whole past month!
    The third problem: I manually deleted all her workouts from my profile and edited everything properly. Then I reconnected my watch to the phone and it started downloading my workouts for the whole past month, although they were already loaded - so I had all workouts loaded twice.
    Again, I took my time and arranged everything manually, one by one.
    Seeing that this doesn’t work, I decided to use the app on my phone only with my watch and now it works ok.
    The problem is that now my wife cannot download workouts. Suunto claims that once you make the transition to a new application, Moviescount should no longer be used. In this application she has all her trainings from the last 10 years and it would be a shame to lose everything.
    I would be glad if you could help us solving this problem. Is there a way to slove this issue without buying another smartphone?

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    Please, use the search function as this problem has been already discussed and there are workarounds. watch&in=titlesposts

    Maybe your issue is that you need to logoff every time you use the app, and anyway I’m not sure multiple accounts can be handled correctly.
    I would contact suunto support asking for it.

  • Thanks, I will wait for the answer.

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