Recent Suunto Traverse Alpha owner - need some explanation

  • Yesterday I stumbled upon a good offer on a used Traverse Alpha. Having always wanted a GPS watch, I bought it.

    Today I found out about this MC thing shutting down (the website is down as I write this, idk if for good or temporarily)

    So can someone please explain to me which features of the Traverse Alpha will I be missing out on cause of all this? I read this forum for hours but still didn’t quite understand it all.
    I don’t have any prior data to transfer or anything, just want to know if I will be missing out on any features.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • @Robin-Oja
    short answer: from Suunto communication, you will be able to use your watch with its key functions in the future, after the service transition, too.
    what you need to know is that you can setup your watch thru movescount web and symc it with moveslink2.
    i would start using Suunto app and sync activities to SA as it is the direction for the future. if you would like to check your activities on a bigger screen you can connect either one or some of the recommended partner connections e.g. Strava.
    If you are a data freak, I can strongly recommend 👍

  • @TELE-HO Thanks for the response.
    So the fact that the movescount website is not working right now doesn’t mean its gone for good?
    I saw a lot of posts talking about route planning and POIs, are those still available on the new Suunto App? Also what is SA? 😄

  • @Robin-Oja
    SA is suunto app… no it is not available for ambit and travers as far as i know. not sure if it will come.
    it should still be available from movescount. if movescount does not work at the moment, don’t worry. it should be back soon, they are not entirely shut it down. what you can try is the chinese version at the very bottom of MC page

  • Community Manager

    We had a discussion with @Robin-Oja and I guided him / exposed what will will happen just to solve this quickly

  • Thanks for the fast responses. Got answers to all my questions.

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