successfully transferred data, but not seen newer moves

  • Hello. Yesterday, I successfully transferred data from MovescountApp to SuuntoApp (using Settings - Connected Services - Movescount). It all looked good. However, today I do not see my today’s move in SunntoApp (and it is on Movecount web and MovescountApp). Any advice? Many thanks.

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    @OldaNovak the import of Movescount history to Suunto App is a one off only.
    If you want to see your new moves in Suunto App, you should sync your watch with Suunto App. If you do that (and only that, meaning you no longer sync with Movescount App), your new moves will no longer be in Movescount, only in SA.

    If you want to see your new moves both in Movescount and Suunto app, there are ways to do that (that I personnally find a bit cumbersome), search this forum it’s well documented. There are limitations if you want to use Movescount app and Suunto app in parallel.

    Which watch do you have?

  • @jw-cou thanks for reply - But - I can not sync my watches to SuuntoApp. I use Ambit 2, with “crocodille” connector. It connects to Movescount web first and download my moves there. Movescount App and Suunto App “just” display my moves on my Samsung S8 Android platform.

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    @OldaNovak You are right: you cannot sync an Ambit2’s new moves with SA. At the moment that is entirely normal.

    MovesLink2 (croc-connector program) isn’t intended to sync with Suunto App at all so you won’t see any new moves there from a sync. As @jw-cou wrote, the transfer copied your existing Movescount data to the SA db which you can review but not, as yet, add to via Suunto App. Check out this recent post.

    Pre-Covid-19, Suunto stated that non-BT Ambit users will be able to have a “renewed experience” of functionality via the other cable sync program, SuuntoLink, “by summer 2020”. Check “Compatible watches”, May and November updates here.

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