How Do I 1) Adjust watch settings, 2) login online to suunto app and 3) create routes for my ambit peak 3?

  • Hi All,
    I’m playing around with the new suunto app. Syncing seems to work ok at first glance. But I can’t see how to do three things that i always do with moves count.

    1. I adjust watch settings for instance i turn on a new exercise type like XC skiing or adjust the gps settings for my trail running activity type and then sync to my watch.
    2. I create routes to follow on movescount and upload them to my watch. i don’t see a way to do that in the app.
    3. i also do all of this logging in online on my laptop. it’s faster sometimes. where do i login now?? i only see a login for movescount on the suunto website.

    i cant see a way to do that with the new app. Am i missing something? these seem like core use cases from a development standpoint.
    thank you in advance

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    You can’t do any of that from the Suunto App for your Ambit. And never will be it seems at this point. Only syncing of activities as it stands today and going forward.

    1 and 2 will be supported by some other MovesCount-ish application, according to Suunto sometime mid 2020. Not likely to be a mobile app. Probably something web based with bridge software on your pc/Mac like suuntolink. We shall see.

    3 looks like it’ll never exist once MovesCount is discontinued completely. Folks have asked for a web/browser platform for analysis. Nothing has been announced or planned afaik. But the Suunto App is the platform for syncing recorded activities and analysis. There are also third party tools for the analysis once you’ve synced to the Suunto App.

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