Android 4.17.0

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    • Calendar summaries in diary with: week/month navigation, totals, ascent info, analytics, deep links
    • Sleep chart enhancements
    • Phone number verification
    • Dive: Automatic location
    • Dive: Manual dive/indoor workout location
    • Dive: value descriptions
    • Dive: events in dive profile chart
    • Analytics for sleep graph and diary tabs
    • UI tweaks: Use colored background for activity icons in feed,
    • Steps & Calories view UI adjustments, Day view changes, Remember last used diary tab, - Update route segment marker,
    • Button layout update in route planner


    • Unable to load videos of activities sometimes
    • Ranking/achievements are not shown in other user’s activity
    • Settings sync issues
    • Cadence always shows 120 or 60/min for running/walking recorded by app (ST workouts)
    • Missing likes and comments for followers in feed
    • Get swim pace from summary extension
    • Deleted workout still shown in feed
    • Improve dashboard sportie card error handling
    • Activities with like(s) in diary all show like count as 1
    • Fix 30 day summary calories change %
    • Remove ascent from indoor cycling lapstable
    • Various UI fixes
    • some crash fixes

  • Community Manager

    Enjoy this release guys. iOS should be coming up as well, perhaps not today but soon.

  • Community Manager

    Also Note:

    It depends on Google on the time the update is live

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