When can I import POIs from PC to Suunto 9?

  • I have a Suunto 9 Baro that I’m really liking. Now I started to plan a week long hike for next summer and need to import a few POIs into the watch. I have only the coordinates of the locations. I understand that for Suunto 9 you will need to mark the POIs with the watch (add your current location as POI) or use Movescount to do that. However, I’ve never used Movescount and have already used Suunto app for importing routes and custom sport modes. Suunto themselves say:

    “When synchronizing a route or custom sport mode with the Suunto app to your watch, your watch connects to Suunto app. After syncing, you will not be able to sync your activities with Suunto Movescount app and web from then on. In addition, SuuntoLink may have issues connecting to your watch and will not synchronize your workouts with Suunto Movescount.”

    So, when can I do something as simple as importing a list of POIs (in any format) from my PC to the watch?

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    It is hinted that this feature is coming to SA mid January.

    Correction… early 2020 😉

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    If needed you can still transfer POIs and routes using Movescount - no problem

  • @Egika Ok, good to know. So even if it is not possible to sync activities, syncing POIs from Movescount is possible. But maybe I’ll wait for the mid January 2020 update. 🙂

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