How to get resuts from suunto app to ?

  • Is it rigth that I have to reset my watch do do so? Why isn’t this working automatically?

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    @running-L There is no sync from SuuntoApp to Movescount. I don’t know what you mean with “reset my watch to do so”, but for having your activities in Movescount AND SuuntoApp you have to sync with both app, or if you don’t have the Movescount App anymore with cable, SuuntoLink and your computer and then SuuntoApp.

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    @jthomi he means that if you fiddled with setting up sport mode screens in SuuntoApp and in order to sync to Movescount again, you have to first reset the watch to do so as Movescount locks you out if you have done changes to the watch via SuuntoApp.

  • @jthomi Actually, on the Suunot Movescount website, they say that:
    What are the limitations in using Suunto app and Movescount together?
    Currently the following limitations exist when using Suunto app and Movescount at the same time:
    -Synchronizing routes
    -Synchronizing custom sport modes
    If you synced a route or custom sport mode with Suunto app and would like to continue using Movescount, you will need to restore your watch settings to default values via SuuntoLink:
    Connect your watch to the computer using the Suunto USB cable.
    Click the cog icon and open Watches.
    Click Reset all setting under your watch and confirm.
    Click Reset watch.

    Who wants all that?

    Excerpt is from FAQ here: What are the limitations…

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    @running-L fact is, you should pick one, using both is an accident waiting to happen. For my S9 I decided to go only with SA, never used MC, and had zero issues.

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    @running-L There is no direct sync. Now that the MC app is no longer in app stores it is not possible to use MC app unless you have already downloaded it. What OS are you using? On iOS RunGap will sync to MC and I believe on Android SyncMyTracks will work.

  • @Brad_Olwin I am using Android.

    The problem is not on tje Smartphone. I am not using movescount App. There is no sync between Suunto App on the phone and the data base of the movescount web-page.

    I would like to see maps such as drom my last move or the heatmap.

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    There is no sync between from SuuntoApp to Movescount. And there never will be an official way. There is a workaround, like @Brad_Olwin says.

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