Ambit 3 Peak Sports mode customisation after moving to Suunto app

  • I use Apple Watch with RunKeeper to track my trail running and other similar weekly activities. However, I purchased Ambit 3 Peak some time ago for hiking, travel, etc for things such as battery life and durability. Now that Suunto is deprecating the Movescount app, I’m looking at the Suunto App. I can already see lots of posts on this forum about this transition.

    Currently the sync seems to slowly moving my data from Movescount to the Suunto app. I haven’t used many of the analysis features, POIs, etc from Movescount, so I am not worried about losing them. I use Gaia GPS among some other things for that kind of stuff. However, I have tweaked the sports faces a lot to fit my use. I took inspiration from Andrew Skurka:

    What are the options to change the Ambit 3 Peak sports settings after the transition to Suunto app? If there are multiple options, what’s the most convenient one?

  • @Juha-Ranta
    my understanding is: sport mode editing is done in movescount web and synced by cable.
    sync thru app will only be possible if you still have MC app installed, but will not be a sustainable option… unless Suunto integrates A3PS better into SA, editing sport modes by MC web and cable will be the way to go

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