Suunto 9 HR Baro black - Suunto App vs. movescount

  • Hello! I just wanted to raise question and share my experience. I have had my Suunto 9 for 1,5 years now. Broke one set of wrist bands already. Used to have Ambit and Ambit 2 previously so I’m very used to that and now they can be replaced by your self, which is nice

    The black screen is not good, it would be nice to change the white theme in normal operation as we ll as in a training mode. Brightness is not what you seen in advertisements.

    Then the issues. I have multiple android devices and found out that it as not a good idea to use the Suunto App in several at the same time. Then I lost the Movescount updates after altering the sport modes in android and actually stopped using the Suunto to save my trips as I did not figure out why movescount did not update… here is the question number 1! I need to import my tracks into Oziexplorer for post-processing and have not found the way to do that export in Suunto App, normally I use GPX format from Movescount web site. Now as I found the way to get Movescount updated with my moves again after 11 months, I realized that it will stop working for Suunto 9. So to get like GPX exports from my Suunto 9 in the future, what can I do?

    So #2 will there be any application that you can use to work with Suunto 9 on PC?

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    @Scoutc03 from Suunto app you can download the FIT file of your activities. FIT contains more information than GPX, but if you still need GPX, there are plenty of conversion tools around. Just pick one, even online.

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