View & analyse activities on PC (Webinterface, Diary)

  • Hi,
    recently I bought a Suunto 9 and as I understand your Webservices are in the middle of a transition.
    (which should have been disclosed more openly BEFORE one buys into your system…)

    How can I view and analyse the data of my activities in a web based diary?
    I am already using the “suuntoApp” (not movescount), but there seems to be no way to connect / link the app to my webaccount (“” atm?).

    My understanding is, that this should be a standard feature without the need to sync as well per usb cable, if even possible? (as polar and especially garmin provide as well) The only PC-App I found so far is only capable to update the watch.
    My data should be available in a central database, as soon as the watch synced with the suunto app on my phone and I should be able to access my data via browser for a more in-depth analysis and more comfortable views.

    I find your information policy (capability?) a bit…“lacking” atm…
    If I am not missing any vital link:
    To be honest, this is very disappointing for a highly priced product, like Suunto 9!

    Best regards.

    P.S.: Watch is amazing, though 😉

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    @Golem right now there is no web interface for Suunto App (SA), and people not using MC (like me) are using a number of third party apps (some free, some paid) for this purpose. If you search on the forum you’ll find more information. I personally use TrainingPeaks, Strava, Runalyze and Quantified Self (QS).

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    The data you sync from the watch to the SuuntoApp is also found on the website
    This site shares the same database like the SuuntoApp.

    Sports-Tracker is NOT the official website for data of your watch/SuuntoApp. And ST is lacking many many features…

    Right now we are hoping for a website, but we just don’t know if or when one will come.

  • Thanks for your replies.

    1. Not providing a web interface with a “new” software strategy? Can’t find words…which year we are living in? 2010?..that’s “at least” lazy and veeery bad support for Suunto customers

    2. If I’d known this lack of software support and inconvenience this is creating, I’d not have bought a Suunto product - despite the seemingly superior hardware…
      WHAT use is raw data and great hardware, if you cannot analyse, review and process this data in a convenient way???

    3. Why isn’t it known,if a website is coming or not? What kind of bad information policy is that, if customers are left to wonder, what is coming OR NOT!? Especially, if your “buy-in” into the product family is this pricy and “built to last”…I guess, they forgot the software to “last”. (Roadmap from 2018 is a joke, forgive me…)

    That’s a very sad state…wtf are they thinking?

    I’m sorry for my outburst, but I am a bit enraged about this state of affairs and no disclaimer in the shop!
    To top this off, movescount and app are happily promoted, everywhere you look.
    Especially as a QA-Engineer in Software development, this just bothers me on so many levels…

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    @Golem - have a cup of coffee (or 2) and go through this forum with some attention - you will find tons of info about the “switch” from movescount (and web analysis concept as a whole) to SuuntoApp. MC used to be a fully featured web platform enabling detailed analysis and easy track creation. Some even preferred it to Garmin Connect or Polar Flow. But execs at Suunto decided that since it’s the mobile age now, they would stop web development and put all their efforts in the mobile app area. I’m guessing that after all the “happy” feedback from end-users they are reevaluating this decision, but if there is any change remains still an unknown.

  • @kriskus Thanks for your answer.
    “used to be”
    This is exactly my point - Web accessability is no one-way(or one-device)-road.
    New development should lead to central, cloud based databases, that can be acccessed by customers in their preferred way. To provide client software, that can handle this approach should be mandatory (and it is for most of this industry and others).
    To force your whole customer base to use 5" to 6" screens all the time for lots of and complex stats…that’s just a big joke and a bad business decision.
    No developer of business software would get away with stuff like that.

    ONE device to record, ONE acccount to sync, ONE database, ONE app per device type.
    This should be the way to go.

    And why throw MC-Web away, if it clearly works an can be populated with data, thats also compatible with SA?
    (Yes, I’ve found the way via “suunto link” and the good old cable…^^ BTW, for how long will this be available from now? As I understood, support will be terminated,)

    Oh and to throw a Suunto skin on an old App to “sell” it as the “new” and “innovative” way…bit cheesy,dont you think?

    Tea wont help with that problem^^

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    I am trying to be above that and simply accept the decisions. I’ve already had my period of double frustration (as a user of the no longer developed Spartan Ultra), I feel disappointed. The successor to my SSU will not come from Suunto, but until that moment comes, I will be happily using the watch as I used to in the beginning and probably unsubscribe from all these forums and groups to avoid all the pessimism 😉

  • @Golem
    it’s like this google approach that I’ve mentioned sometime ago.
    Everything out of one hand and everything works mobile and desktop.

    Despite that, you might be interested in 👌

  • Firebase and Angular?
    Sounds amazing, if the features are there 🙂
    Will give it a try, thanks!

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    @Golem and the best part, developer is always here answering our questions and listening our feedback 🙂

    There is a dedicated topic:


  • Thanks guys, this sounds like a light on the horizon - but despite this, to make one thing abolutely clear for Suunto:

    In essence I expected stuff like this out of one hand by the watch provider Suunto, so one should not have to juggle arround with accounts and data!

    Now I may go and have me some nice tea to relax 😉

  • @Golem
    I did not find yet where we can vote for Dimitrios being a VIP employee at Suunto…

    Suunto developers, don’t get me wrong, I already mentioned with the last FW update that I think you’re doing a great job, too!!

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    @Golem said in View & analyse activities on PC (Webinterface, Diary):


    Because thou mortal users who do not have MBAs and the like know nothing about how business is carried out and should be taught the way to go…


    I totally share your point of view but strangely enough someone at Suunto’s HQ thought messing it all up was a great idea.

    See by yourself all the grief that has been expressed on this forum.

  • My S9 should have that binary mode, you are talking about 😄

    Well, at least this seems to be a very active community - hope good things will follow.

  • @Golem
    but bear in mind… everything that becomes good eventually needs time

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