How to initiate transfer from Movescount to Suunto App?

  • Hi there, I have a question regarding the syncing of moves from the platform to the Android app Sports Tracker or the Suunto App (which are basically the same). In a single move on the web platform there is a field description and below a field to tag the move. The tag field is only used in the web platform while the description field should be synced with the mobile apps. But if the description field is updated the move is not synced to the mobile apps. As I can remember, there was a statement that the moves are transferred only once to the mobile app. But how should I have known that the tag field is not transferred and the description field is? While on the web platform only the tag field was used to group the moves. Is there a possibility it initiate the transfer again?
    Btw, I have Ambit 2 so I have to use the web platform (unfortunately).

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    If I understand your question correctly, then the answer is no, you can’t initiate the transfer again by yourself - maybe @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos can help you, but I am not quite sure what you would like to do.
    Basically what the one time batch transfer does is copy your moves from MC to SA.

    What should get transferred:

    • description
    • manual and auto laps
    • photos attached to the move
    • all the data collected by the watch

    Sadly tags do not get transferred, I don’t know why, because that is the best thing ever for sorting and making quick selections.

    If you want a permanent sync from MC so SA that is correct, that is only possible if you sync to both services manually - watch to MC and watch to SA (since you have an Ambit2, the sync from watch to SA is not yet supported).

  • Thanks for your answer. You got it right, a new full transfer of all my moves from MC to SA would help @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos
    Btw, the tags are also not in the “export all your data” download neither in a download of a single move. If you download a single move you get the description field. All in all a mess (and that not only regarding the description/tag fields) very frustrating 😞

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    @rob-t said in How to initiate transfer from Movescount to Suunto App?:

    Btw, the tags are also not in the “export all your data” download

    If you are logged in at Movescount, gives you full set of Moves summaries as JSON, tags and notes included. Though it needs some work to make something useful out of it, just a quick a not very practical sample -

  • @margusl @fejker just as a feedback, some while ago out of frustration, I entered a description in all my moves (>1000) in and exported all moves as .fit and .xlsx (the .fit file has all the detailed data while the .xlsx has the desprition and other fields) as a single move manually. Then I converted the .fit files into a .csv and imported them along with the .xlsx into Microsoft Power BI. Here I created my own dashboard, graphs etc. This took me a while of course, especially because I had to learn how to work with Power BI, so you can imagine how I am fed up with this situation of not being able to use the search function in the app just because the moves are a one time batch transfer from MC to SA 😞

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    @rob-t I am irritated as well. I had everything set up with tags and now this very useful feature is gone and my tags were lost with the transfer to the new platform. At least I can export my moves list from MC with tags, but then I have to make due with the GPXs as well if I want to build something myself. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted, time to move on and forget about Suunto.

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