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    Hi there,

    for many years i was fan of Suunto and recommend it many times. I’m also owner of M5, Ambit 1, Spartan Ultra. I bought M3 for my girlfriend, Ambit2 for my brother.
    Even when i was very unhappy about shutting down of Movescount, i still believed in better future. The last time (4 months ago) i recommended Suunto 9 to my sparing partner. Now it’s all over.

    Suunto App is useless, Movescount is shutted down, all older watches (i was still using Ambit for some activities) doesn’t work with supermega Suunto App (correct me if wrong).

    Yesterday i ordered Garmin Fenix 6X. Even i was never fan of Garmin, if i compare functions inside watches (solar charging, nfc, music) and website (for data analysis, planning) i have to say, Garmin is far in front of Suunto now.
    Now i regret that i bought Spartan Ultra last year instead of Garmin Fenix5… I wanted to stay with the same platform, it shows as a mistake.

    Is there a way, how i can export all my activites from Suunto for usage in any other 3d party solution for data analysis? Can you suggest something?

    Thank you very much in advance and, sadly, goodbay.

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    you can try syncmytracks app… worked well for me to pull strava files back to movescount

    …yes it needs some patience, but I hope there will be something useful connected to SA as a web end.
    And I’ve also looked closer into QS and the Strava extension called Elevate… both very nice pages for data analysis and comparison 👍

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    Well, from SuuntoApp you can easily export activities to strava/endomondo/trainingpeaks etc. If you want to have them in Garmin Connect you can set up e.g. tapiriik to connect either of these services with GC, but I’m not sure if the sync will contain all measured parameters.

    Please also do let us know after a while of living with Fenix 6X what your feelings are.

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    I don’t understand posts like this… This is only a GPS watch… not your partner for life…
    My Ambit 2 still works and I can sync with MC… Also my S9B is working just fine… SA can be better,… like everything else in this world, nothing is perfect… I am using Runalyze if I won’t to see something more…but I rarely do… I do sport for health and fun, not for living…

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    @nseslija for some of us, investing 500-700 € into a wearable is quite a lot of money. It’s not like you can invest that much money every year or even every other year into “only a GPS watch”. And besides, some people (me including) like to have continuity and like having all these sport activities unified on one platform.
    I can very much understand the frustration.

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    good point… one of my relatives left for garmin, too… she did not care much about her data being still in movescount, she starts with a new sheet of paper in garmin connect, which I could not really understand why…
    some people are more keen on data, some are not.
    I changed to suunto because of the brilliant MC data. Now I have to get myself used to something else…
    humans are pretty good in adapting but the solution that we should adapt to is expected to be something better, easier to read, easier to handle and streamlined in the meaning of “everything out of one hand”.
    To me it makes the impression as if everyone is trying to find his/hers own solution with 3rd parties… which will work for sure. But that is against all the other trends where you get complete service offered e.g. from google with maps, calendar etc and everything is connected and you don’t have to worry about anything.

    So on one hand, I can do sports without a watch at all. On the other hand, I decided to do sports with a watch for some reason and I would like to make reasonable use of the data I’m producing with it 🙂

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    @fejker You are right, for most of us it is a lot of money, but there are so many GPS watches that are under 500 € , Suunto 5 is great watch, now under 300 € … but we all want top of the line 😊
    Although, when you decide to spend so much money, you probably do some research, I did…
    I knew that MC is going away, that S line is not Ambit, that there is only Bluetooth connection, etc…
    I also knew that I wouldn’t need features that I wouldn’t use, like music, payments… marketing stuff…
    Now after one year of using S9B I am certain that I made a good decision, and even if I made a mistake with a bad purchase I just can’t be frustrated because of that… I bought the watch, but I am not its slave…
    My all activities are on several platforms… MC, SA, Runalyze, Strava… I think that this can’t be such a big deal to achieve nowadays…

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    @nseslija I am talking about bugs, not new features. I have had my SSU since August 2016 and hardware and feature wise I don’t need an upgrade, I just want it to function correctly and not wait a year or more for old and new bugs to get fixed. And why I bought the Spartan … because it was the only logical upgrade from an Ambit1 at that time and it looks like I would be more screwed today if I had picked up an Ambit3. I just can’t do without a barometer and battery life that is less than 15h, that is all.
    And of course the transition from MC to SA could have been handled very differently by Suunto, but that has been discussed in multiple threads multiple times and I won’t go into that.
    Do you see what I am getting at? Spending 700 € on a sport watch at launch I expect it to be supported with software updates at least 4 years. MC/SA issues left aside.

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    @fejker Are we naive to expect those 4 years (or more)? Should we rather gauge our expectations of product development support to the warranty period for our seller’s jurisdiction? For a web-integrated product environment the bug fixes come in until the device matches the product advertising and the web element remains until [warranty period] from the last unit sold?

    Not the happiest of situations when the hardware still works well (albeit nowhere near optimally utilised for our particular wishes) but are we being unreasonable?

    [On the other hand. I had a tent from an American company which cost about as much as an A3P. Its seams started to delaminate when it was around ten years old, eight years outside its warranty. I asked them what I could do to re-waterproof it. They offered to send me a new one if I paid postage.]

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    @fejker Spartan doesn’t have SW support any more…? It had 3 firmware updates this year… and I really don’t think that Suunto keep bugs in their SW deliberately… do you?
    BTW, I am on your side, but I think that people generally have big demands and expectation.

  • When I first came to trail running, I was on the Ambit 3 / Movescount system and 4 of my buddies were using the Ambit 3 as well. Now, most of them are already deciding to switch to Coros as it’s price point and feature set (along with a push from the local distributor) is making a strong case. I meanwhile on the other hand, is still using the Suunto 9. Most of them have had some issues trying the App and aren’t too convinced with the feature set of the 9, which is a bit of a shame.

    While I’m probably less dependant on the features for my use case, I think if it’s not on par with what the market is asking, then It’s probably not going to gain new customers, or in this case, lose existing customers. I do hope Suunto gets more developers on board to move the development of the app quicker and get newer products which are on par feature-wise with its competitors. I still think Suunto still makes the best hardware among the lot.

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