Which ambit3 should I choose?

  • I have two Suunto Ambit3’s and I’ll keep one. How do I find out which one is better? Is there any test or how to find and choose a better watch?

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    Had an Ambit3 Vertical. GPS can get a little wonky because it’s got the antenna in the bezel like the traverse series. So that’s a mixed bag. If you are out in the open, usually just fine. But under tree cover, ravines, etc, might want to go with the Ambit3 Sport or Peak. The Vertical is more comfortable to wear.

    Peak and Vertical have the barometer, but the Sport relies on GPS elevation. Depends on how accurate you want or need your altitude tracking to be or if you need the barometer feature for the weather aspect.

    FWIW. I had the Vertical for about a year when it can out. Minor to minor+ issues with the GPS made me dump it for a Spartan Sport WHR Baro and then I picked up an Ambit3 Peak cheap before that are totally gone.

    I’ve grown to prefer the Peak, hands down.

    If they never provide Routes and POI in the new SA app for the Peak, both go on EBay or in the trash and I’m going back to a compass, paper maps.

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    Duh. I just realized you HAVE the watches already? Guess I let the subject lead my response. Ha!

    So same models? Or different? I’d have to think if they are the same models with the same firmware you aren’t going to see 2 cents worth of difference. Unless 1 is defective. Should be able to tell that from the GPS tracks pretty easily.

    Sorry for reading comprehension issue. I’m dense today I guess.

  • In some post someone has said that the 4 first digits of the serial number are the year and week of production, I mean if the serial number is 1734XXXXXX… means that was produced the week 34 of 2017. Maybe you should keep the newer.

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