Android 4.12.2

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    • increased network timeout when syncing new workouts
    • fixed handling of swim distance summary item
    • unnecessary tips view appears after deleting all activities in sub-summaries view
    • Remove distance travelled during a pause from route data
    • Blank training graph shows in diary view after deleting the only activity
    • Fix comment deletion after fragment state changes
    • Ghost target/Follow route is not remembered in NEW ACTIVITY view when activity recording is ongoing
    • crash on scanning devices.
    • Lag in main view seen do to the slow ‘Share image’ carousel loading.
    • Handle photo share error conditions
    • wrong steps and calories graphs in day view
    • Duplicate route after enabling Add-to-watch
    • Removed extra sync with backend when stop recording workout
    • Fix backend sync when sharing link
    • Manual dive summary should not show calories
    • Show sailing distance in nautical miles
    • Low altitude missing from summary data grid
    • Daily activity data when the device is disconnected
    • steps input field is hidden after rotating screen in add edit activity view
    • Share button appears in full screen after orientation switch
    • Fix crash when switching back to ExploreMap view
    • openstreetmap not loading
    • Map crashes in profile view
    • Indoor rowing is missing the distance
    • Exclude pauses from lap durations
    • Handle unexpected increase in distance when generating laps
    • Save as route is missing the ascent
    • Require at least two points to show altitude chart
    • Route not synced but share option is available.
    • Exclude pauses from graphs
    • distance missing from swimming
    • Altitude graph is missing from activities without GPS


    • Major upgrade chart library -> enabler for many things to come
    • Reduce pairing tooltip focus radius
    • Swap the order of Explore and People tabs
    • Add altitude graph to route
    • Allow user to choose apps who send notifications to watch
    • Tint media picker camera icons using the accent color
    • add password requirements text
    • Text update to connecting watch view
    • summary value descriptions
    • value formatting updates
    • Map search and tap-on-map
    • Revert to original placeholder images in Suunto

    NOTE: The release is sent as of this time of writing, so it will take a few from Google to push this to your devices

  • Community Manager

    I have highlighted some items that I believe are important to the community here or the community has played a role in requesting those features or reporting those bugs.

    Thank you all!

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