New user of Suunto 9 Baro - how to deal with MC and/or SA?

  • Hi to this forum!

    After several weeks of reading, watching and thinking I have just bought a Suunto 9 Baro Black wich will be shipped next week.
    I’m a long time Suunto user - at the moment i’m a satisfied user of Ambit 3 Peak. I’m synching my data with Movescount Android App and doing any settings, importing/creating routes with Movescount Web. I have also connected my Strava account to my MC account for synching my activities.
    I have already installed Suunto app on my Android phone and created an account, but never connected my A3P to SA.
    Also my MC data is not transferred to SA yet.
    I want to know how to deal with the 9 Baro and SA in the future.

    Should i just use SA with the 9 Baro or go with the MC?
    What are the major advantages/disadvantages? I’ve read that some settings or costumisations of sport modes cannot be done with MC?
    Should i transfer my data from MC to SA yet or should i wait till the final shutdown of movescount?

    Thanks for your help!

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    @mikeorbreak I would use the S9b in SA only and wait to transfer until you are comfortable with SA. The routes, customization of sport modes and offline syncing are all SA advantages. Waypoints are coming and the only other thing missing for me are Training Plans in MC.

  • @Brad_Olwin thank you for your answer, this sounds like a good plan 👍 I guess i will start with SA when the watch finally arrives…
    Any other thoughts?

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    @mikeorbreak You are welcome to PM me if you wish. Are you iOS or Android, I am only iOS and although similar the apps are not identical. Routes are so much better than in MC for me as you have the flexibility of drawing in the app (easy and quick) or on a larger screen and import. Routes are immediately synced to the watch. I use this feature often just to test how many miles a mountain run will be and will do different routes so I have choices when I run. The navigation on the S9 is awesome too. The sport mode customization is extensive. I use 3rd party apps for analyzing the data so I don’t mind the phone app only.

  • One thing I’ve noticed when using S9b with SA vs MC is that the battery life is noticeably shorter with SA which syncs in background vs. MC which only syncs on demand.

    Excluding activity usage with GPS on, I think a typical MC usage without 24/7 HR and notifications is less than 5% per day. In comparison, with SA it seems to be closer to 8-10% per day.

    Other than that I don’t really see any advantage of syncing with SA and would prefer to just continue using MC. With SA I can’t currently sync waypoints but that is still possible with MC. The same applies to POIs although I rarely use those. Having an ability to quickly upload a navigation route with SA is nice, but I tend to prepare my navigation routes in advance anyway, and I like the convenience of drawing routes with MC.

  • @Brad_Olwin Thanks in advance for your offering.
    @silentvoyager This is interesting. i guess this won’t be a problem for me because at the moment i think that i won’t use the S9B as a “smartwatch” which is permanently connected with my phone/SA. I plan only to connect, when i want to synchronize. This is how i’m also doing with mit A3P.
    Otherwise i rarely used Waypoints or POI with my A3P… sometimes i used routes to follow.

  • @mikeorbreak said in New user of Suunto 9 Baro - how to deal with MC and/or SA?:

    i won’t use the S9B as a “smartwatch” which is permanently connected with my phone/SA

    I don’t use my S9B as smartwatch at all, however the battery still being drained faster when it is paired to SA even if there is no activity whatsaever. I think the watch still needs to upload steps and calories - that’s why it syncs in background. SA also runs in background even if you close the application.

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    @silentvoyager I do not think this is SA connection but all day HR/Steps and sleeping. If you turn off activity tracking and the sleep monitor the battery on the S9b lasts a long time even when constantly connected to SA. I do like to get notifications on the watch.

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