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  • Been thinking about the layout/topic structure of this forum. Just wondering how about creating topics as per App Views? Topic: Diary - analysis, where people can discuss what is need in the App from this particular App view. And so on.

    Or by User Stories/Personas? E.g topic called Trail Running where people can discuss their needs and expectations of what a Trail Runner needs from this App.

    I think the discussion and topics are already quite overwhelming, and can imagine Suunto people having challenges to follow along (maybe?). Maybe the App Product Owner could chime in and suggest what would be most useful for them when thinking of features/functionalities and buiding the backlog.
    Just thinking…

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    @jarlin hi,

    At the moment the structure is:

    Feedback - issues
    Feedback - feature requests

    However if I understand correctly you need a place to talk about specific features ?

    How we work this out at the moment:

    Every time an issue is reported by you, we report that every x day to the developers. Then this issue if it’s valid (that is usually) we tag it as known.

    After every update if an issue is fixed it’s moved to resolved. Same applies for feature requests.

    What do you think and what do you miss.

    Btw all feedback is welcome and I am the one managing these structures. Feel completely free to propose anything.

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    Can we have a road map of the iOS and Android app?


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    @mi_chael soon

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