iOS 1.11.0 (7394)

  • Changes
    • HR graph shown when no real data
    • Highlight map tab
    • Refactoring graph component
    • Simplified sync steps when on the background
    • Show current location on route detail

    • Fix broken layouts on iOS 10
    • Missing Amplitude events for 247 data watch sync step results
    • Set width for button container
    • Edit used instead of Customize when customizing tracking views.
    • Fix how notification count is cleared
    • Sleep time average
    • Wrong tips when tap continue to sign in/sign up without network
    • Change term “Country” to “Location”

    • Fixed UI-style on “View on map” button in multisport
    • Internet disconnection is detected in “Delete account” view
    • Fixed a workout graphs bug in phone tracked workouts
    • Prevented distance based energy selection in laps table to get stuck
    • Edit button title localized in editing tracking view’s data fields
    • Introduced error handling for “no connection” and “server does not respond” cases during login
    • Fixed a crash happening when searching for a user
    • In the tracking view, prevented the automatic appearance of tracking status panel after the selection of a new map type
    • Other small fixes

    Known issues:
    • Some devices do not support Sport Mode customization at the moment:

    • All Spartan devices with ESW lower than 2.0.42.
    • With 2.0.42 customisation is supported, but sport mode names cannot be changed.
      • In some cases the pairing of a watch is lost when the application is ‘killed’. This can be fixed by removing the application and reinstalling from TestFlight.

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