Android 4.9.0

  • * More secure signup and login
    * Additional Bug fixes & performance improvements

    Known issues & limitations:

    • Watch SW required 1.12.36
    • Mobile notifications are not filtered for watch
    • For the latest feature changes Suunto app may be only available in English. Translations for other supported languages may be incorrect or incomplete. In Beta we hope to receive feedback in English and we will be communicating in English only

    Additional forum details:

     - Share button is displayed for a short time when open activity from explore photo list view
     - Pictures in a workout should be hidden in profile view after workout is deleted or changed to private
     - Out of memory during sync with long workouts
     - Make the sports tracker logo bigger to external shares
     - Deleting bar still shows in activity details view after deleting all photos or videos in full screen view
     - Unnecessary empty data appears in SELECT DATA list when editing data of sharing photo
     - Route estimated duration is wrong if it’s more than 24h when planning/editing route
     - Goal Wheels are not updated after setting them in 24/7 view
     - Top bar with controls disappears when scrolling down edit view
     - Partner list UI-fixes
     - Localization-Welcome back message is not localized after logging in
     - Empty activity graph should not be displayed and expandable
     - Error icon and message fix in Search people view
     - Improper zoom level causes track is not fully displayed in route details view
     - Tapping VIEW ALL X COMMENTS from diary list does not open comment list view

     - More secure signup and login
     - Red gradient for HR graph

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