Manual export from MC to SA?

  • Has anyone been able to manually import a MC Move into SA? I know MC has an export function with several available formats. I’ve been able to download them into my phone but cannot import them into SA.

    The exception is a GPX file but that gets imported as a ROUTE and not an activity.

    Any hacks around this?

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    -You can upload a gpx (or fit) file in and your move will appear in SA. BUT the import is somehow faulty, I think power is not included for example, and I’ve had some examples where the elevation chart ended up a bit strange in SA… So better double check the result (and remove the move if not correct). There are 3rd party tools (like Rungap for iOS) exporting from one service and uploading in ST, but that is the same API used so most likely same results. I don’t think any of these 3rd party tools are using the proper SA API, only the ST API.
    -You have a great official Movescount > SA import, but that imports everything and you can only do it once. So that might not be a solution at all if you only want to import one move from MC.

    That is to my limited knowledge the only two ways to upload a move in SA at the moment

  • @jean-william-cousin thanks for the tip. Ill give that a try.

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