iOS 1.10.0 (7268) Release Candidate for App Store release

  • Community Manager

    Release notes for Beta release 3th of July 2019

    Known issues:

    • In some cases the pairing of a watch is lost when the application is ‘killed’. This can be fixed by removing the application and reinstalling from TestFlight.

    • Suggest pairing with a watch after login or signup
    • Validate text inputs in signup

    • Lowest point missing
    • Sharing graph drops when selecting ‘None’ for left value
    • Fix missing workout charts
    • Wrong description in text in SMC MC confirmation (save&delete)
    • Speed number and avg are overlapped in the second view when recording with app in 4-inch iPhone for some languages
    • “Pause” button disappears if recording is autopaused
    • Extra back button in user agreement view

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