iOS 1.9.2 (7246)

  • Overview:
    We have implemented the following functionality:

    1. Filtering objectionable content reported by other users. This filtering will happen automatically based on user reports and objectionable content flagged by administrators.
    2. Users to flag objectionable content. Users are able to share workouts including, description, images and videos with other users and if shared workout or any part of material shared with the workout is found objectionable by others users, they can report the workout.
    3. Users to block abusive users. Any user can block any other user so that such user will not be able to follow the user who blocked him.

    Known issue:
    In some cases the pairing of a watch is lost when the application is ‘killed’. This can be fixed by removing the application and reinstalling from TestFlight.

    • Report workout content to backend
    • Block user functionality
    • Change the order how activity icons visibilities are set
    • Map Actions
    • Loading indicator for laps table
    • Support long activies
    • Download workout as Google Fit file
    • Sign-up and login renewal
    • Add altitude graph to route planner
    • Daily steps and calories graphs
    • It’s now possible to remove a follower in the Followers view
    • The Day View now shows daily step and calorie graphs
    • It’s now possible to use “Send Logs” in the Profile view when no watch is connected
    • Graphs now show values using the same formatting as in the Activity Details view
    • The Feed view now has no title
    • The “Read more” link is now available also after connecting to Movescount in the Connected Services view
    • Passwords must now be at least 8 characters long

    • Workout cannot be saved when editing right after workout
    • Fixed formatting of total distance in summary parsing.
    • App crashes after adding/deleting a comment
    • Show “No route” error when using dropped pin action sheet in offline mode
    • Add inset to allow scrolling of Bazaar Review
    • Fix activity distance editing
    • No warning message when user tries to import an unsupported file as route
    • Bottom tab bar appears in watch view after pairing
    • Use standard alert controller to display information when tracking interrupted
    • Fix workout sharing temperature graph values
    • Use different password placeholder text in login and signup
    • Prevent sportmode package fetch for unsupported watch models
    • Scale sharing application logos with screen size
    • Localizations updated
    • Calories in the Day view do not match values in the watch
    • HR-graph has wrong scale on map view
    • Fixed information model time formatting right, changed daily goal sleep time string style.
    • Fixed an issue where the sleep time would sometimes be off by one minute in the Feed view
    • Fixed an issue where swimming activities showed no distance in the Feed and Diary views
    • Fixed an issue where the app would become unresponsive for several seconds after opening some activities
    • Fixed an issue where loading a large imported Movescount activity history would take excessively long after installing the app
    • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to edit the sleep goal in the Settings view
    • Fixed an issue where the app would quit unexpectedly if a network error occurred while searching for a user

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