for all of you thinking of switching to Garmin because of the Digital Service transition

  • read this before:
    that’s one of the reasons i switched to Suunto.

  • @mario_b Good read, some very good points made. Tho I do have some qualms with my suunto products and software, I am grateful this forum exists and am able to voice and resolve my issues. Seems some kats are quick to jump ship but I for one appreciate the support and believe Suunto and dev team are progressive. If anything else this forum has helped add patience to some of my frustrations.

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    suuntos customerservice is outstanding,

    the only thing i envy garmin for are their maps, .

    🤞 their not stupid enough to drop the pc-thing and go all out on the app and integrate movescount or something like that. (just my 2 cents😒 )

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    @John-van-Winkel said in for all of you thinking of switching to Garmin because of the Digital Service transition:

    suuntos customerservice is outstanding,

    I would have agreed to that a year ago. I had to replace the HR belt which took app. 2 weeks. Perfect!
    Now I’m already waiting for a first answer for a new service ticket for a month…
    There is a better way of communicating… Let’s see how long it takes.

  • What the article outlines is a set of opinions by a self appointed expert. Does it carry any weight? It sounds more like a hit piece with some anti Garmin bias. Bottom line is tat Suunto have arguably a great product range, their failure is in their Suunto app. For every reason given that the Garmin is bad, the eventual loss of MC & the forced adoption of SA is enough to send some of us looking at other products. I will continue to use my Suunto until it dies, even if I can no longer set POI via an application, SA has no such feature. SA compared to MC is unbelievably slow when transferring workouts, start the transfer, make a cup of tea drink it, wash & dry the cup & its still downloading the workout, but at least its not buggy.

  • @marcosss well the point for me was, having a garmin a new firmware comes out. something gets fixed, something already worked before gets messed up. and again and again. for example navigation on the watch is not working now since february. but it worked before. so now your waiting for a fix since 4 and a half months. thats only an example.

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