Ambit 1 - other import tools?

  • Let me ask one more time:

    Do you plan to publish or suggest any software, let me download data from my Ambit 1 and upload it to some other services like Strava? Ambit 1 was the best Heavy Duty watch I ever had. I took aprt in many OCR races with it, I even fall down from a rock when climbing and got some minor scratches on it. Last year I’d bought Spartan Sport and when I did crawls on the sand I did so many awful scratches on it… it’s not a watch for OCRs, climbing and many other outdoor activities like that… I don’t know why such sport modes were implemented in it…

    Therefore I would like to still use my ambit 1 and have possibility to download recordings from it.

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    Hi, Suunto will make an announcement tomorrow. Let’s see watch they say.


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    @Lukasz-Gawlik Unfortunately we have no news for you, we have to wait for Suunto to give us updates like you do. Hopefully tomorrow…

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