Why doesn't Suunto have an "Official Vote" on the key topics here?

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    The title covers a lot.
    There are a bunch of “one off” threads, some from mods, where some people are up-voting, if they understand how.

    It seems like a fairly simple survey, from Suunto (email invite, per-user), would give them the data they need, particularly with the “heightened awareness” of a great deal of users, currently.

    Things, like:

    • how important is the detail of the MC site vs Sports-Tracker, to you, personally?
    • do you use the additional detail on the MC site?
    • is it important to you to be able to change user-characteristics and sport-modes, after the SA transition date?
    • how important are sports-customizations, on a scale of 1-10?
    • would you remain brand-loyal, if these things were changed (or the inverse)?

    It seems like they could wrap this up, in a “nice, neat little package”, and then publish the results (if they’re brave enough, and depending on the sway, I guess).
    There’d be no more ambiguity, about voting on random threads, how to get your message directly to Suunto, etc, you would 100% know that you’ve given direct feedback, that would (hopefully) be reviewed by the management chain, and possibly considered.

  • @pgrey
    today i’ve had exactly the same thought.
    i support this 1’000%!!!

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