Ambit3 - will it be possible to change Sports-Modes/Athlete Settings, with SA, ever?

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    @pgrey & @thanasis
    Unfortunately we don’t have those answers here, we only have the same infos as you got in the last update from Suunto from April, 30th 2019. They say it’s gonna be another updates in May, so hopefully all or at least some of your and our questions will be answered then.

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    @thanasis said in Ambit3 - will it be possible to change Sports-Modes/Athlete Settings, with SA, ever?:

    @pgrey for the fist part I am also looking for an answer just as for creating routes etc which is supposed to be one of the main selling points of the ambit 3 ( I happen to have it for about 4 years )

    For the second part , you can even now change those settings from either Suunto app or even the watch itself

    @thanasis I don’t think there’s any way to do this, with SA, or at least it’s VERY well hidden?
    Can you show me a screenshot, if you’ve figured out how to do this?

    On the “routes” feature, I think there’s almost zero chance that gets moved over, for the Ambit3, reading the “digital transition information” so far.

    It does seem like being able to change user data, and sport-modes, has to be supported though, otherwise your watch is “fixed”, to whatever point in time MC goes-away, right @jthomi ?

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    @pgrey I agree with you that there must come support for Ambit3 when MC goes away. And for older watches as well. But if and when…I don’t know.

  • @jthomi
    since it is not possible to change sport modes for A3 in SA yet, I need to ask the question about MC-A3 sync here… sorry in advance!

    I noticed that my standup paddle sport mode is set to “alti-baro profile” : altimeter, instead of barometer. It should be barometer because I don’t have a change of the altitude on a lake… ok… veeery little change of altitude 😉

    But when I do the change and sync, MC shows the green tick for sync complete. But the profile is set back to altitude even though I changed it to baro. Baro will just not be synced.

    Anyone else here having similar issues with MC-A3 sync? Or does anyone have a smart input for me?

    I even tried deleting the sport mode, creating new, uninstalling MC from my phone and reinstalled, cleared cache etc…

  • @TELE-HO

    I use a custom sports mode for kayaking. Profile is set to barometer. No Ascent/Descent in SA activity. No changes in the stored profile.

  • @pilleus
    I assume you set it up with MC?
    When did you last do changes to this sport mode and did it work without problems?

  • @TELE-HO yes, created with MCweb. Problem is in my opinion the MCApp which changes some parameters. I don’t use MCApp. MCweb for creating sports modes and SA for syncing.

  • @pilleus
    ok, that means you create the sport modes in MCweb and sync it to the watch by Moveslink 2 with the cable?
    And you don’t have any recent moves in MCweb anymore, only in SA?

    I am really waiting for the SA web and Ambit integration… 🙂

  • @TELE-HO created with MCweb (cable) and synced with SA

  • @pilleus
    Thank you, I will give this a try tonight.

  • @pilleus
    great, it seemed to work.
    …but I appreciate when everything comes out of one page/app again 🙂

  • @TELE-HO I currently use S9 Baro. Do you know if I use sport modes options in MC(web) to change altimeter profile to barometer profile (for sailing) if will actually change or make any difference in S9 while recording a activity?

    Does it simply just not record alitude?

    The Barometer seems rather non-existent in the S9 and have not figured out a way to view it during or record it.

    Lastly, I understand what the storm alarm does and use it.

    Is storm alarm active during a activity?

  • @malcyway
    I don’t know the S9B at all, but what I understand (I recently missed it to setup correctly in my A3P and then could not set it anymore from MC app) is that if you have an activity with changing altitudes (skiing, hiking, cycling, mountaineering) you must use altimeter for the profile. If you go sailing, swimming or cycling in the netherlands 😉 you must use baro in the profile. The watch then knows that the altitude is fixed.
    With swimming (or in my case, surfboard paddling) it is not optimal for the pressure sensors recordings as every stroke you make is once up in fresh air and once maybe up to 0.5m below the water and there is a significant pressure difference.

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