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  • Dear Suunto,

    As far as I am concerned, the cabled web service is the data collection and interaction service. Any apps for devices is icing on the cake. These apps are mere bonuses.

    I have the movescount app, but rarely use it for viewing and only use it for data upload when I am traveling. The web service on the other hand I use 5 days a week, and it is much more capable and accessible than an app on a phone. To actually use the data is difficult on a phone. When I want to drill in I want the big screen. When I want to analyze data I want easy copy and paste in Excel.

    I don’t really mind Suunto app or movescount app, I assume they are roughly interchangeable once Suunto App is fully operational (although I do admit I am perplexed as to the need to change as opposed to evolving the existing one, which itself is only a couple of years old). But either way, please continue the full featured web based service.

    another concerned user

  • @wanderinghead i could be wrong, but isn’t the web-service for the new suunto app?

  • Moderator

    @mario_b Sports-Tracker isn’t the web interface for SuuntoApp. It shares the same data though.

  • @jthomi ah ok. I thought that must be the pace because of the data. And that it only will get a Suunto Company UI Frontent for it. Thx for the Info!

  • Moderator

    @mario_b We are all hoping that there will be a “new version of Movescount”. Or at least some web interface to meet the expectations here… 😉

  • @jthomi yep me too. ☺ got my watch today and meanwhile i am really happy with movescount 👍

  • Moderator

    @mario_b Movescount is really a great tool. I hope you can enjoy your watch! If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask in the forum or search for more info.

  • @jthomi thank you! I already did. 🙂 Took it out for a small run. And i am fascinated by its accuracy.

  • @mario_b
    I’ve just ordered a new Ambit3 peak sapphire for several reasons.
    It is a brilliant watch and I trust Suunto that they will support the watch entirely in the next couple of years.

  • @TELE-HO good to hear that. 👍 me too. the ambit3 peak sapphire in amber color. ☺

  • @mario_b
    an amber strap would look great, too. but i’ve ordered the classic design in black-silver

  • @TELE-HO i think the classic black/silver looks awesome. but i thought, on the same price, i choose something special ☺ and i am very happy with my decision. an i had very much luck with my order. now you can’t get them again with sapphire (only the mineral glas) as custom design and the price went really high up again.

  • @mario_b
    price increase is sometimes a good sign 👍
    my relatives that are using a sport watch all bought an A3 after asking me for suggestion and they’re all very happy with the watches, they don’t have issues with the watch at all and of course they and I were shocked about the MC news couple of months ago. but I think I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    And to be honest… there is no real alternative… 😉

  • @TELE-HO yes you’re right.
    my main reasons for this watch (and switching to suunto) has been (without special order):

    • not made china, and that suunto i a european company. (i like that alot)
    • the very good gps reception in worse conditions.
    • fusedalti (it is soo awesome, not to recalibrate while doing longer sports)
    • the battery life
    • the simplicity of the OS.
    • that there are no more softwareupdates, because there is no need for it.
    • VO2max (i got used too train with it, it gives me a very good point, if i am improving, or should change somthing)
    • every other watch will get old. this one (from an electronic standpoint) is already and can easy compete with the newest.

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