cabled web service

  • Dear Suunto,

    As far as I am concerned, the cabled web service is the data collection and interaction service. Any apps for devices is icing on the cake. These apps are mere bonuses.

    I have the movescount app, but rarely use it for viewing and only use it for data upload when I am traveling. The web service on the other hand I use 5 days a week, and it is much more capable and accessible than an app on a phone. To actually use the data is difficult on a phone. When I want to drill in I want the big screen. When I want to analyze data I want easy copy and paste in Excel.

    I don’t really mind Suunto app or movescount app, I assume they are roughly interchangeable once Suunto App is fully operational (although I do admit I am perplexed as to the need to change as opposed to evolving the existing one, which itself is only a couple of years old). But either way, please continue the full featured web based service.

    another concerned user

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