April Transition Update

  • @silentvoyager by 2020 fenix 6 will be out and will the s9 successor.
    By then suunto will have introduced some features in FW and SA but what will give it the edge?
    Galileo is playing catch up. Training/recovery/metrics is something delegated to 3rd parties.
    At least with polar there is a roadmap of expected features.
    Anyway, we wait and see what the future holds.

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    Movescount App will not be available anymore in appstore, but installed one will still be usable.
    So wireless sync still possible until further notice.
    I read this like that

  • @Mff73 said in April Transition Update:

    Movescount App will not be available anymore in appstore, but installed one will still be usable.
    So wireless sync still possible until further notice.
    I read this like that

    Yes, that’s why I added “if the phone is lost or upgraded”. My phone will actually be due for upgrade around that time.

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    Trust in some forum guys here or there, there will still be some apk (for Android at least) to install it without playstore 😉

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    @silentvoyager said in April Transition Update:

    Meanwhile Garmin has released 945 with 36 hour battery life in best GPS mode. I can’t believe I say that but moving back to Garmin after almost 7 years now seems more likely.

    Yup, it’s nice to hear from Suunto (three months later) but I can’t help feeling that they are about to be left behind in a massive way.

    I certainly will be jumping ship to Garmin or Coros if they don’t integrate FULL functionality for my Ambit 3 in the new Suunto app. The ability to edit sport modes, routes, LOI, etc.

    It really is a shame that such quality hardware falls victim to poor software and customer service.

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    Hey hi @coldrainsnow ,

    @coldrainsnow said in April Transition Update:

    customer service.

    … just a question as I am collecting feedback about customer service I think you don’t mean customer care/support etc. Right?

  • I am truly in disbelief at the standard of communication from this company. I have trusted suunto products since being an early adopter of the Vector. I regularly write little apps for my Ambit3 and this was the major selling point for me. There has been simply no word on a road map for support. Seriously considering the opposition.

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    @Yannis-Belouris said in April Transition Update:

    @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos will have to check my original packaging. Because back then SA was only available in beta from and a very crude one that is.

    This 9 packaging clearly referencing to the app, not MC

  • @Egika date of purchase? I bought mine July 2018. Will check when I get home.
    Not that it matters that much, but still

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    Manufacturing date says more than purchasing date.
    You never know how long it has been sitting in the shelves.
    This one is from week 25 2018.

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    All I can see from this latest update is that as of end of 2019 as an Ambit3 user, unless I maintain a backup of the APK and a compatible phone, I will lose:

    1. Sports settings for multi-sports.
    2. Ability to create complex workouts
    3. Ability to configure notifications
      (and other things in movescount web that I don’t use).

    I’ve notified Suunto customer support that unless they can provide a timeline for providing those features in some other form (via Suunto App if necessary) and specifically the 1st one, that I will be expecting a refund under the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015 - since I believe it is reasonable to expect the software for the watch to last as long as the hardware (limitation of 6 years under the act and my watch is only 4 years old).

    Other users in the UK / EU may want to try the same.

  • @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos
    It would be good to have a web app besides mobile app (also after discontinuing Moves count.com), in order to manage analytics and watch/activity settings from a big screen and keyboard on not from the phone.

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    @Saverio-Ramirez maybe you can use ‘real vnc’ to control your android from your pc? its popular among raspberry pi users, maybe it can help.

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    A1/A2 watch owners were displeased a LOT when Suunto said on the first announcement that MC would go away. I think they wanted to let know to these users that they are changing plans / working on a solution for them.

    Considering your emphasis on “a LOT”, if what you are saying is true (and I hope it is), it would have been wiser from them to explicitly write something like “A1/A2 users should be assured that we are working on a solution to keep their watches working after the transition”. As far as I can see, this update barely acknowledges that a problem exists, but kicks the can of solving it down the road. It’s not really reassuring in the end.

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    @Francois good point

  • @amasidlover That is not how the UK law works, I’m afraid. 6 years is the “statue of limitation” for finding/communicating issues that are considered to have always been present on a consumer good - it is not the limit of how long a product (any product) is supposed to last.

    If that was the case, every product should have an explicit 6 years warranty, and this is clearly not the case.

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    This post is deleted!

  • @silentvoyager You can find it in your app library on Google play store!

  • So many good points being raised here by fellow frustrated Suunto customers! I really hope they are listening. The evidence thus far seems to indicate they are not.

    Can’t believe I had to create a separate account just to make a forum post. Indicative of the needless complexity Suunto seems to be entangled in.

    Interesting point about the 2 year ‘Suunto International Limited Warranty’ and whether or not Suunto will be in breach of this when they kill the Movescount app and strip out core features of their products.

    I’m an Ambit3 Peak user and I can’t quite believe they are still selling the model with advertised features “Customizable sport modes and displays” and “Waypoint and visual route navigation”. As an existing customer who bought the watch in spring 2018, I’m p----- off. But if I was a new customer who purchases the watch towards the end of 2019? It would be absolutely unacceptable.

    Again, it comes back to the points made by so many about lack of communication and lack of clarity. The company have been so vague about what will and won’t be supported, leaving existing customers with a small shred of hope that their products will still be functional in the new world. But there have been no promises, and there is no clear roadmap, and software development seems to grind forward at a glacial pace.

    The thought of switching brand and enjoying a simpler user experience is very appealing. I can’t foresee a sea change from Suunto, so a 9 Baro is now out of the question for me I think. Can’t justify the price tag after this!

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    @Malequal said in April Transition Update:

    Can’t believe I had to create a separate account just to make a forum post.

    Hi @Malequal one of my duties here is to manage this forum. If we went ahead and created an account for you without your consent it would not be legal.

    Please carry on depositing any feedback, you have valuable points and sorry for the intervention.

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    @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos and the rest of the Suunto team - please, please, please continue providing us with a web portal (read: computer-accessed full webiste) to see our training metrics. Smartphone apps are good for quickly syncing and doing quick checks on training progress, but NOT good for detailed analysis. I own an Ambit3 and use the metrics and analytics on Movescount.com every day to track my training. Trying to do this on a smartphone screen will be miserable - and that’s true even IF the functionality of the app improves to match the analysis available online.

    I used to own a Fitbit tracker. As I got more serious about training for mountain sports, I moved to Suunto, not just for the hardware (which is obviously more feature-rich) but more importantly for the data-rich movescount website. In pitching Suunto App as limited to mobile devices without a web portal, you’re severely limiting the functionality of your services for athletes who care about more than just hitting daily step or activity targets.

  • @Katherine-Struthers
    I totally agree with you. I know Garmin Connect and was very disappointed about this web interface. I checked out Movescount and was absolutely convinced 1.5 years ago that this is what I need to check all the training and activity data. I am not against “something new” but it has to be better that what was before. And I’m not talking about better sharing of activities or social media… I’m talking about proper graphics of the training progress, monthly and annual comparison graphs and being able to compare 2 or more different activities or complete years etc…
    What I’m missing even in Strava (yes I already use this as my last resort…) is that it does not distinguish between road and mtb rides… Movescount did that. It is a true multisport tool.
    I tried the Strava extension “Elevate” which is a very nice overview for the fitness, freshness and training progress over a period of time. But of course, I would like to have one service and not many.
    I’ve heard in the last couple of days that Sports Tracker seems to be the web version for Suunto App, not sure if this is true…?! It seems like as I was successful with logging in with the Suunto App login data… while I was browsing this Sports Tracker I was quite disappointed… it’s just a list of your activities… no real analytics and not even the option for sorting your activities by the total ascent. That is a must in mountain sports.
    Whatever Suuntos plan is with the new App and a web page, I hope they do something clever with the huge amount of data that our watches are recording. And they don’t just sell it to anyone…!!!
    Of course I must not mention again that Ambit needs to have full settings, customization and support from that page.

  • @TELE-HO sportstracker is not the official web version of suunto app. It shares some infrastructure but has a different back end.
    We are all waiting to see if suunto decides on developing a new web based platform that includes at least everything movescount offers

  • @Yannis-Belouris
    that’s interesting… I was not aware of that. Isn’t it illeagal to share the login between Sports Tracker and Suunto App then?
    Because I recently saw a question why forum users have to have a separate forum login and can’t use their Suunto App login here… the reason obviously was because it is illeagal to share that login.
    Maybe it’s different with the analysis platforms or something was written in the smallprint when I first signed in to the Suunto App…

    I must admit that I have the Suunto App inactive until Suunto comes up with a properly working web/mobile app combo that supports Ambit completely.
    I don’t mind adapting to something new and better… but I am not willing to sync my watch thru the phone with SA and thru the wire with MC!

  • I am having a Suunto 9 and sync it with Suunto App and with the cable to movescount. This handling is really, really clumsy.
    Well basically I only use the app for syncing the move with strava. As long as the Suunto App lacks nearly all analysing features such as Calender, Filtering, Tags, Personal Best, Graphs etc its not even worth thinking about using it as only/primary service.

    Please Suunto, please provide something Web-based which is at least as functional as movescount. If you take down movescount next year without proper replacement, I will be really mad about that and will regret investing in a 600€ watch!

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