When will there be a luanch of a computer platform that is in sync with activities on Suunto App?

  • I find it simply annoying that what I upload on my suunto app is only in a mobile app and not on a computer platform. E.g. now I want to merge some of my activities into one activity and even though it is uploaded on my suunto app I still need to sync to Movescount to get it on a computer platfrom. Which in reality means I need to sync all my activities since last time I was on Movescount several months ago. Very little user friendly. When will there be a launch of a computer version which is in sync with all my activities on the suunto app mobile version?

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    @Marie-D-Lorentzen Couldn’t agree more. Web interface is an absolute necessity for the new app!!!

  • @Marie-D-Lorentzen couldn’t agree more, coming from a Garmin it seems this the Suunto ecosystem is terribly confusing.

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    Hi @Marie-D-Lorentzen

    and welcome to the forum! I really wish we would have an answer to your question but right now there is not new info from Suunto since the last one with the transition.

    I share your views, and I wish there would be a computer or web platform as well. Right now I am syncing first with Movescount to have all data there and then with the new Suunto App. But, yes its not so user friendly.

  • I feel like Suunto is making a terrible mistake with this transition. Perhaps Movescount has some underlying issues like a cost of hosting it or a lack of a good app, but in one of my first posts on this forum I said that they are throwing the baby with the bathwater. I still feel the same way.

    A someone with 20+ years in software industry I’ve seen this many times. Someone higher up in the management thought the acquisition would be a great fit that would solve all the problems of an existing aging product. But obviously they lack technical insight to see all the subtle issues upfront. Then several years later and after large engineering costs they finally realize it was a failure to start with.

  • @silentvoyager
    I agree with that. A proper plan would have been to listen, gather feedback and come up with a ready to use App and web interface. It does not need to be perfect in the beginning, but it needs to be there.
    What Suunto is doing now: they’re promoting the Suunto App as their new solution without any web interface behind and all users they install it are the guinea pigs. I hope for Suunto (and even more for all users!) that they’ll have a proper solution, soon.
    There are several companies that almost closed down because of wrong planning and product release.

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