iOS 1.7.1 (6948)

  • Release note 18.3.2019 for the Beta

    • Fixed today’s values in day view for steps and energy to match the dashboard values
    • Day type changed to be interactive in dashboard
    • Push notification handling (comment, like etc.)
    • Restyled laps data model and ui
    • Workout analysis, dive header and time bins data compared to precalculated data
    • Toggle individual firebase ab tests
    • Improved tooltip logic
    • Added status update call to UI in case of internal/fatal error when uploading workout to enable hiding banner
    • Day type added in dashboard
    • Map and route analytics
    • Empty status for routes
    • Default state for offline indicator set to hidden
    • Trigger Homescreen event when the app is brought to foreground
    • Follow route in tracking view
    • Write daily steps and active energy to apple health kit
    • Added Country to user settings
    • Dashboard gauges are animated
    • Route share/export to GPX

    • Fixed activity time disappearing with long user name in comments/likes view
    • Fixed flickering in notification list when selecting notification and coming back quickly
    • Route track displayed in map instead of my current location when saving other user’s route
    • Fixed Notification link to someone else’s workout and error handling when workout is not found
    • Fixed background sync data loss
    • Fixed Suunto App crash (caused by routes created with Android app)
    • Use visible distance in route strip view
    • Menu set as hidden in workout analysis view with only one map point
    • Moved compass to left in analyse route view to avoid it to be under map type button
    • Corrupted profile images
    • Day view labels are misaligned
    • Lingering location subscription
    • Find ambassador cell to be able to handle changed cached items
    • Trend bubble is shown twice
    • Check length of text in name field
    • Do not show watch-sync-pending message for routes
    • The “Deleted workout” error alert does not disappears before user acknowledges it
    • The day view is not be accessible, if the user has no 247 data
    • Activities that don’t have Est. VO2max are not shown in Fitness level view
    • Fixes for various bugs in route follow
    • Routes can be overridden in the watch if saving a new one after reaching max value of routes
    • Long name labels do not overlap with date label in leaderboard
    • “Save Route” menu button is not shown on outdoor activities that have only one location
    • Dashboard gauges are zeroed when the day changes
    • Plan a route- tooltip does not appear anymore in route list after saving a route
    • Fixed importing route from iCloud
    • Activity Icons are not cut anymore in saved routes
    • Activity-icons are not misplaced anymore in routes list

    Known issues and limitations:

    • Some devices do not support Sport Mode customisation at the moment:

    • All Spartan devices with ESW lower than 2.0.42
    • With 2.0.42 customisation is supported, but sport mode names cannot be changed

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