Why am I always “stressed”?

  • I purchased the Suunto 3 Fitness watch two weeks ago and my watch constantly says I’m “stressed” with low reserves. This is even after a full nights sleep, being in vacation and no strenuous activity. Any suggestions? Am I really that stressed? I cerntainpy don’t feel that way!

  • @daviscar I understand it like this: In order to determine a state of stress, the S3F requires a prior development of resources through active training. Sleeping and relaxing does not build up resources. More on the subject can be found at Firstbeat, because the technology used by Suunto for fitness and stress based on the technology of Firstbeat. The Firstbeat procedure is licensed for Suunto watches only for the S3F. My tip: read there: Firstbeat

  • @Armin-S thank you! This is helpful!

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