Ambit 3 peak: want to be able to continue using custom fields, creating/editing apps

  • I recently bought an ambit 3 peak because I like much the ability to make small programs running on the watch.
    Where you can use variables, and make basic computations with them and then get them displayed as a custom data field. It’s sort of javascript language, and I want to be able to use that to make custom data fields, which data get recorded as well, as the other data.
    Without this I wouldn’t have bought an ambit 3.
    I don’t have any use of the community-made apps, just want to be able to use/edit mine.

  • Moderator

    There is nothing preventing you from doing what you want. At the earliest in 1.5 years you may be impacted but at this time there is no issue. What the future actually will bring for A3 is not clear.

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