iOS 1.7.0 (6845)

  • Changes:
    • Sharing UI improvements (visual details for shared image)
    • Changed “Finish” to “Done” in route planning
    • Product name harmonization (e.g. “Suunto Spartan Sport WHR Baro”)
    • Updated setting buttons in tracking view
    • Moved the “Cancel” button to the left in the route editor view
    • Unified activity parsing for Ambit and Spartan device families
    • Updated localizations for daily goal settings and device onboarding

    • Fix like counter truncation with many likes and comments
    • Suunto App crashes when bringing it to foreground after recording with app and pressing home button
    • Activity data is now restored when continuing an activity after closing the app during an activity
    • The close button is now more prominent in the Spartan onboarding views
    • Route editor average speed entry now accepts locale-specific decimal separators
    • Fixed a rare situation where the app may close unexpectedly when opening the “Notifications” view

    Known issues and limitations:

    • Some devices do not support Sport Mode customization at the moment:

    • All Spartan devices with ESW lower than 2.0.42
    • With 2.0.42 customization is supported, but sport mode names cannot be changed

    • Some translations are missing, only English tests in new features

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