Incompatible due to mobile connectivity!!!???

  • According to the announcement regarding the new app, some SUUNTO products will essentially become obsolete due to the fact that they “will not be compatible with Suunto app due to no mobile connectivity (Bluetooth).” What does that even mean? Bluetooth is a protocol for (very) short distance communication, generally no more than approx. 10 metres. When I synchronise my soon-to-be-obsolete QUEST, I transfer the data from the watch to MOVESCOUNT via a PC or MAC. The PC/MAC acts as my internet portal. Bluetooth is not needed to transfer the data. So why can’t the new app be designed with an API to take in data from the Movescount dongle? I don’t want to upgrade my watch as I have no use for GPS and my watch battery lasts six months. I use a treadmill and a Concept 2 rower, both with ANT+ and use the SUUNTO footpad and chest strap, also both ANT+. I think SUUNTO’s move to render the equipment redundant because they are updating an app show a disappointing disregard for their customers.

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    @quest, better get a Garmin mate… plenty of ant+ support. Just been off the phone to Suunto support who seem very reticent to provide any guarantee of on-going support for any Suunto wired devices going forwards. They seem to think full functionality will eventually come to the Ambit 3 via Suunto app.

    What I think is going on is Suunto are hedging their bets and don’t want to promise any support in writing that they find they cannot meet in development and end up with egg on their faces. I guess the support mentioned on the updates is in a solid stage of beta development. It is the other bits, the update of the settings etc I guess they are struggling with.

    Pretty much will be recommending Garmin or Polar to all my mates at the running club, cycling club and at my military unit too. Pretty disgusted at how Suunto have handled this. They have gone from a company that had a solid and respected support across many communities, especially specialist military community.

    Unfortunately, any brand loyalty has gone as a result of them deciding to brick my Suunto Ambit 2R and possibly reduce ambit 3 peak functionality next summer.

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    Hi all non mobile connected devices will sync via the Suuntolink. Please read the annuncements.

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    @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos can you please explain clearly what the “partner ecosystem“ is and whether existing functionality will require a paid service?

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    @mbga9pgf partner ecosystem is all connected services. Eg Strava, or even a service I develop for my own needs (I dont work for suunto as a dev etc).

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    Many thanks for your reply.

    Problem I see is, you can’t view cycle power output analysis without Strava Premium. As well as other functionality. So I have to now pay an annual subscription to Strava to glean the same information I can currently with Movescount.

    Can I ask, are there any circular revenue stream agreements or partnerships in the offing with Strava? Because it would be perverse for Suunto to not only cut access to their user base, but then engage in profit share with the resulting forced move to a “partner agreement” for those unable to afford an upgrade for their perfectly functioning devices.

    Only way I see this being at all fair would be for a Suunto to release device to Movescount communications protocols to the user community, if they see the devices they were willing to brick until recently as “legacy”. I may well get involved in a little usb logic analysis of my device if they refuse to support the device going forwards.

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    @mbga9pgf good questions and feedback indeed. I am not sure what to say here to be honest as I am not so familiar with cycling and power.

    Do you refer to lap power, power zones?

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    Power output analysis is unavailable in Strava. It is part of the “Summit” paid premium service.

    Garmin Connect provides FTP analysis and I can easily compare heart rate against power Meter Output (power curve in particular) which is presently available in Movescount.

    Just one example of many where Suunto are selling their loyal customers short.


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    @mbga9pgf so its mainly zones of power and how much you stayed in , like HR zones that you are looking after right ?

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    Yep, pretty much. I also use Goldencheetah desktop, which is a cracking analysis suite for the cycling element. I’ve used it less in recent years as Movescount provided ample analysis as well as a slick workflow (I’m not a massive fan of exporting files and cross decking to other software).

    GoldenCheetah also allows direct import of Ambit SML files, so will be very interested to see whether SML export will remain an option once whatever bridging software is written. This allows the highest fidelity of analysis as the data is not imported to ANOTHER provider first, where I guess the sample rate could be somewhat lower.

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    @mbga9pgf I do support SML on my app. No where to match GC nor do I yet support zones but take a peek if you like

    For the zones I bet there are many apps out there that do provide a fair enough analysis I could guide you well as a runner but not as a cycler.

    However I hope the community here can.

    Perhaps a topic for the lounge area?

    Something like “Cycling platfroms and services that you use”

    Dont hesitate to ask me to open a thread but I do encourage you todo it 😄

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    Thanks for all of your independent support of the community!

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