Incompatible due to mobile connectivity!!!???

  • According to the announcement regarding the new app, some SUUNTO products will essentially become obsolete due to the fact that they “will not be compatible with Suunto app due to no mobile connectivity (Bluetooth).” What does that even mean? Bluetooth is a protocol for (very) short distance communication, generally no more than approx. 10 metres. When I synchronise my soon-to-be-obsolete QUEST, I transfer the data from the watch to MOVESCOUNT via a PC or MAC. The PC/MAC acts as my internet portal. Bluetooth is not needed to transfer the data. So why can’t the new app be designed with an API to take in data from the Movescount dongle? I don’t want to upgrade my watch as I have no use for GPS and my watch battery lasts six months. I use a treadmill and a Concept 2 rower, both with ANT+ and use the SUUNTO footpad and chest strap, also both ANT+. I think SUUNTO’s move to render the equipment redundant because they are updating an app show a disappointing disregard for their customers.

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