iOS 1.6.0 (6793)

  • Released to beta Test 28.1.2019, release candidate so all issues are more than welcome to be reported, thank you.

    • Localization update
    • Clarified the text shown in Bluetooth permission dialog

    • G-force is shown for alpine skiing
    • Daily average 0 kcal displayed incorrectly
    • Watch sync crashes Suunto app every time
    • Broken sharing flow for private workout
    • Make Start button accessible via VoiceOver
    • Hr value missing in lap view
    • Rounding for EPOC and Calories from watch
    • The lap button in “Record with app” is not working
    • Watch status button “Update available” should lead to watch specific web site
    • Suunto capabilities was missing BLE peripheral, fixes breaking of on-going sync.
    • Generate correct dive algorithm names

    Known issues and limitations:
    • Some devices do not support Sport Mode customization at the moment:

    • All Spartan devices with ESW lower than 2.0.42
    • With 2.0.42 customization is supported, but sport mode names cannot be changed

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